Beggs, Kim - Said Little Sparrow

Format: CD
Year: 2017
Origin: Val d’Or, Québec - Whitehorse, Yukon
Genre: folk
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Release Type: Albums
Playlist: 2010's, Canadian Folk, Yukon



Track Name
Vampire Love Song
Said Little Sparrow
Heart in a Bucket
Prettiest Flowers
Still the Girls We Were
Frozen Horizon
See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
Hurts the Worst
Better off Leavin' It
Punch Drunk Love
Walking Sticks



Said Little Sparrow


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While many musicians move to the Big City in search of stardom, singer and songwriter Kim Beggs found both her muse and a growing following after making her home in a beautiful but remote section of Canada. Beggs was born in the town of Val d'Or in Quebec, and lived a nomadic childhood as her family moved from one mining town to another in northern Ontario. When Beggs was a teenager, her family pulled up stakes and moved to Toronto, but the city didn't agree with her, and she took her savings (all of 50 dollars), stuffed her belongings in a backpack, grabbed a cheap guitar, and hopped a bus for the Canadian Yukon. While supporting herself as a carpenter, Beggs played and sang with friends at parties, but it wasn't until she'd logged several years as an amateur that Beggs began writing her own songs and her pals encouraged her to perform them in public. Beggs' first break came when her friend Kim Barlow recorded Beggs' song "Low Down" and included it as a hidden bonus track on her album Gingerbread. In 2002, Beggs recorded her first demo, and released an EP called Beautiful in 2003. The honest, emotionally charged beauty of Beggs' music earned her spots on a number of regional compilation albums as well as a set in a nationally broadcast CBC Radio One concert of musicians from the Canadian north; she also took part in a cross-country concert tour with Anne Louise Genest dubbed Those Bloomin' Yukoners. Near the end of 2004, Genest released her first album, Streetcar Heart, though the Yukon-based Caribou Records label; the album earned an enthusiastic response from folk-oriented Canadian broadcasters, and a second full-length disc, Wanderer's Paean, was issued in the fall of 2006. ~ Mark Deming

Her latest album, "Said Little Sparrow" is an intimate, dark and soulful album. It’s an exploration of family, childhood, friendship, sacrifice, risk, death, broken hearts, vulnerability, survival and freedom.

Executive Producer: Kim Beggs
Produced by Kim Beggs
Mixed & Mastered by David Travers-Smith - Found Sound Studios in Toronto


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