Patty surby i want a beatle for christmas2


Surbey, Patty with The Canadian V.I.P.'s - (I Want) a Beatle For Christmas b/w Christmas All Year Round

Format: 45
Label: Aragon Records AR 402
Year: 1964
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: Christmas
Keyword:  Christmas
Value of Original Title: $75.00
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Release Type: Singles
Websites:  No
Playlist: Canadian Christmas


Side 1

Track Name
(I Want) a Beatle For Christmas

Side 2

Track Name
Christmas All Year Round


Patty surby christmas all year round

Surby, Patty & Cdn VIP's - I Want a Beatle For Christmas b/w Christmas All Year Round

Patty surby i want a beatle for christmas2

(I Want) a Beatle For Christmas b/w Christmas All Year Round


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Vancouver female rocker Patty Surbey was born in Burnaby, B.C., Canada and was an important part of the fledgling Vancouver rock scene of the early 1960's. She released two singles, the other being "Hey Boy! b/w Everyone I Know" (With the Canadian V.I.P's on their own Sparton 4-1341). Owner of Aragon Records, Al Reusch blamed the records lack of international success on the post office: "We made a deal to lease the master to the World Pacific label in the States. We mailed it down in time but it arrived too late. It was too close to Christmas for them to put it out. It was a big record locally though, as it was played a lot on the radio."

"(I Want) A Beatle For Christmas" was released three months after the Beatles performed in Vancouver at Empire Stadium on Aug. 22, 1964. Although the lyrics were quite geared to the younger teenage female record buyer of the time, like "Remember last Christmas when I asked for Ringo?...All you gave me was a game of Bingo!". In spite of the light weight lyrics, and that it was sung rather in the style of Annette Funicello, it still resonates with quite a bit of pent up power due in large part to the The Canadian V.I.P.'s musicianship including driving bass, drums, keyboards, strummed guitar and also due to Patty Surbey who delivers all manner of female squeaks and screams and is delivered with just the the right amount of adoration for the Beatles.

This song was featured in a Bear Family Rare Vancouver Rockabilly and Rock & Roll CD compilation in 2003 titled Real Gone Aragon ( a 28-song CD featuring tracks recorded for Vancouver's first record label, Aragon, by long-forgotten artists like Les Vogt and the Prowlers, Rudy Hayden and the Country Boys and Patty Surbey and the Canadian V.I.P.'s.) and was reviewed by John Mackie of The Vancouver Sun on January 31, 2004 who ends up his review by stating "The real dazzler is (I Want) A Beatle For Christmas, a Brenda Lee-style rocker by Patty Surbey and the Canadian V.I.P.'s that features one of the greatest female yelps ever committed to vinyl. Surbey is surely one of the great lost singers in Canadian Rock--no one seems to know whatever happened to her. But on Real Gone Aragon, her name burns again".

The flip side, "Christmas All Year 'Round" is a mid-tempo garage rocker with driving bass, keyboards, drums, strummed guitar and amazing vocals from Patty Surbey with a fantastic guitar solo from Dave Trainor.

Patty Surbey is living in Ontario and is no longer in the music business.

The Vancouver V.I.P.'s comprised of Jim Bach (bass), Wayne Dahl (vocals), Louis Petrie (keyboards), Patty Surbey (vocals), Dave Trainor (guitar) and Pat Trainor (drums). Norm Hanson sometimes sat in on bass.


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