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Guido Smit & Co. - Guido & Co.

Format: LP
Label: Trend ACS 71
Year: 1965
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: rock, psych, folk, blues
Value of Original Title: $1,000.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  http://www.trendrecords.ca/
Playlist: Ontario, Trend Records, $1000 Record Club, Rock Room, 1960's


Side 1

Track Name
Needle Of Death
Black Mountain Blues
I Know My Baby
Hear You Knocking
So Long
Joshua Gone Barbados
Richard Cory

Side 2

Track Name
Come To My Bedside
Blues Run The Game
When She Wants Good Lovin'
Running From Home
April Come She Will
Take It Slow And Easy
Buddy, Can You Spare A Dime
Courting Blues


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Guido Smit & Co. - Guido & Co.

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Guido Smit & Co. - Guido & Co.

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Guido Smit & Co. - Guido & Co.

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Guido & Co.


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"Recording for Trend Records began before the label had a studio. Both Roy Kenner and The Uncertain were recorded, after hours, at The Modern Age Lounge, on Danforth Avenue, in Toronto. The first Trend recording studio was located below a grocery store, at the corner of Kingston Road and Warden Avenue, in Toronto. It was equipped with a 6-channel mixer, hand-made by Pete Traynor, with about 18 12AX7 tubes in it and an Ampex 601 mono tape recorder. There were no studio monitors in the closet-sized control room, only headphones. Of course everything sounded terrific, until it was played back on good speakers. The studio did mostly demo work and an album by Dutch immigrant Guido Smit, which sold 200 copies, mostly to his relatives back in Holland."

Guido Smit: guitar, vocals
John Parkes: 12 string guitar
Donnie Underhill: bass
Merv Buchanan: bongos & effects

Produced by Merv Buchanan (Bent Wind). 200 copies
Recorded at Trend Studios


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