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The Peaking Canuck - Show 10 Africville

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Label: Ryder Records
Year: 1993
Origin: Coquitlam, British Columbia - Calgary, Alberta
Genre: all, rock
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Release Type: Radio
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Peaking Canuck Show 10 part 1
Peaking Canuck Show 10 part 2
Peaking Canuck Show 10 part 3


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The Peaking Canuck Show
Show 10, Sept 3, 1993:

Fall is in the air and that means a new hockey season is on the horizon, so the show leads off with sound clips from Hockey Night in Canada along with the Hockey Night in Canada song by Toronto’s Shuffle Demons.

This show's got the blues - part two of the ongoing migration of Americans to Canada to avoid American government persecution of it's people. This show deals with Africville, a community in Halifax that was bulldozed by the racist City Council of Halifax, Nova Scotia. They were kicked out of their homes and persecuted by Canada after migrating through the Underground Railroad 200 years ago. Paid 500 bucks to move on. Some of the audio clips were taken from a Royal Commission held on Africville which was held in 1980.

The second half of the show is the more humorous side.

Also heard for the only time here on the radio was a compilation of practically every “Holy” as spoken by Robin of Batman and Robin, from the Original 1960’s TV shows. I watched every show, and dubbed out all of the “Holy’s” and mixed them altogether. Took a hundred hours. What a total waste of time!

Shuffle Demons: Hockey Night in Canada
Kate Smith* - I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues
Shirley Granger – Shake a Hand
Ken Hamm – Bad Luck Blues
Brent “Sam” Parkin – Satellite Dish
Bourbon Tabernacle – Asleep at the Wheel
Long John Baldry – Black Girl
Rex Bartlett – Hotel Hell
Dutch Mason – Bossman
Dutch Mason – Just Your Fool
Wally Landreth – Gasoline & Son
Jackson Delta – Path to the Liquor Store
Ruth Johnson – I Want to Go Home
Bill Bourne – Goin’ Down South
Holy 58 Holy’s in a Row – Batman Theme
Mecca Normal – From the Surface
Steppenwolf – Howlin’ For My Baby
Blond Ole Opry – Stretch Marks
Guess Who – The Answer
Frankie Fontaine – King of Genital Rock
Guess Who – Silver Bird
Phantoms – Boogie Thing
5 Neat Guys (SCTV)
Barry Dale – Aupres de ma blonde
Voivod – The Lost Machine
MacLean & MacLean – The Champ
Tommy Chong – Bas Ass Weed
Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers – Does Your Mama Know About Me
The Nils – Bandito Calling
End of Show
lo-fi (next show)

-Robert Williston


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