Stretch marks who and what 700x700


Stretch Marks - Who & What? - The Complete Studio Recordings

Format: CD
Label: Sounds Escaping SE-002
Year: 2017
Origin: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Genre: punk, hardcore
Value of Original Title: $20.00
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Release Type: Albums
Playlist: 1980's, Manitoba, Punk Room


Track Name
Who's In Charge
Force Fucker
Dogs World
Barren Cities
Sik Pleasure
Professional Punks
What D'Ya See
Time In Black
Another Tragedy
Family Affair
Turnbuckle Stomp
Lookin' For Danger
No Answers
Tomorrow Will Be Better (If There Is One)
Just a Game
No Freedom
Bad Moon
Foreign Policy
Old Man Understand
Not Your Decision


Stretch marks who and what 700x700

Who & What? - The Complete Studio Recordings



For the first time ever, Canadian hardcore legends the Stretch Marks' complete studio recordings have been compiled and remastered from their original sources and presented on CD! A deluxe 24-page booklet, packed with unseen photographs, posters and artwork, with liner notes from Pages Of Rage editors Chris Walter (GFY Press) and Matt Vinet (Stretch Marks' manager). The "Who's In Charge" 7", "What D'Ya See" LP, the compilation tracks, The previously-unreleased song, "Not Your Decision", broadcast once on CBC's Brave New Waves and never heard again!

For legal reasons, "Bad Moon" is not a part of the digital download.
released January 11, 2017

Dave McCombe a.k.a Dik Savage: vocals
Mark Langtry: bass, backing vocals
Kelly Jackson: drums
Bill Jackson: guitar, backing vocals

All songs remastered by Craig Boychuk


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