Roy payne million dollar maple leaf


Payne, Roy - Million Dollar Maple Leaf

Format: CD
Label: private
Year: 1980
Origin: Trout River, Newfoundland
Genre: country
Keyword:  Canadiana
Value of Original Title: $12.00
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Release Type: Albums
Playlist: Newfoundland Labrador, 1980's, Canadian Country & Western


Track Name
I Wouldn’t Take a Million Dollars for a Single Maple Leaf
Selling Their Country Down the Drain
My Mama’s Resting Place
Hometown Boys
What This Country Means to Me
Little Boats of Newfoundland
The Smile on Mama’s Face
Fishin’ Town
The Old Man
No Price Tags on the Doors of Newfoundland
Walkin’ the Streets of my Hometown
Goofy Newfie
Isle of Newfoundland
Old Fishin’ Hole (with Dick Nolan)


Roy payne million dollar maple leaf

Million Dollar Maple Leaf


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