Savage Smith, Samantha - Fine Lines

Format: CD
Label: private
Year: 2015
Origin: Calgary, Alberta
Genre: indie folk
Value of Original Title: $20.00
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Release Type: Albums
Playlist: Alberta, 2010's, Folk


Track Name
It's A Burn
'Til We Are Found
Higher Than Above
Fine Lines
It Makes No Difference
Not Mine To Give
Kids In The Basement
Barely Lit
Habit Forming



Fine Lines


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Singer-songwriter Samantha Savage Smith may be young, but she isn’t new to the music scene.

The musician took singing lessons as a child with plans of becoming a jazz singer.

“Then my dad taught me how to play guitar, because my dad’s like an old rocker,” jokes Smith. “He’d come over to my house every Wednesday and teach me some songs.”

As she aged, Smith became involved in Calgary’s music scene, and began going to all-ages shows and checking out local bands.

“There [are] some incredible musicians here,” says Smith, who treasures Calgary’s close-knit artistic community.

“I’ve gotten a lot of support since I released my first record. It all started from having a really awesome fan base in Calgary that come to my shows and buy my albums.”

“If I didn’t have that backbone, I wouldn’t be able to tour nationally.”

Smith’s latest album Fine Lines was released earlier this year.

When asked how Fine Lines compares to her first album – 2011’s Tough Cookie – Smith says it’s more pop-based and upbeat, as well as more mature.

“I am a singer-songwriter, so the lyrics are very important. It is melody driven,” she explains. “I do have a hard time sticking myself into a genre, but I guess it is indie-pop.”

Smith says her songs have a tenancy to be bittersweet.

“Usually the songs are fairly upbeat, but then the lyrics are a little more reflective.”

Fine Lines is available online or at Hot Wax Records, Sloth Records and Melodiya Records in Calgary.

– With files from Katie Chamberlain


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