45 prairie fire the hockey game


Prairie Fire - The Hockey Game b/w 747

Format: 45
Label: Damon D-109
Year: 1978
Origin: Edmonton, Alberta
Genre: country
Keyword:  hockey, Vancouver Canucks
Value of Original Title: $35.00
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Release Type: Singles
Websites:  No
Playlist: Hockey Room


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Track Name
The Hockey Game

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45 prairie fire 747

Prairie Fire - The Hockey Game b/w 747

45 prairie fire the hockey game

The Hockey Game b/w 747


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The Hockey Game is a novelty song, geared to Canadians everywhere, sung by the world's biggest hockey fan, Ron Jeffery. He used to have a portable TV on top his bass amp during the Stanley Cup finals...loved the Philadelphia Flyers...was a frustrated hockey player and rodeo rider at heart...broke his arm at a rodeo just prior to one Stampede in the 70s and had to play with a cast on his arm all through Stampede and Klondike Days. Hear the game being played in the background with the sounds of the early days of the Vancouver Canucks.

747" (Rick Ament)
Hockey Game (Ron Jeffery)
Hockey Announcer: Gordon Marriott

Tim Jeffery: steel guitar
Al Gain: steel guitar
Ron Jeffery: bass
Drums: Lorne Pavelick
Brian Sklar: fiddle
Keith Day: piano


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