Leonda - Woman In The Sun

Format: LP
Label: Columbia BN 26383
Year: 1969
Genre: rock, folk, First Nations, blues, hippie
Keyword:  First Nations
Value of Original Title: $30.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: 1960's, Indigenous Canada, Canadian Women in Song


Side 1

Track Name
Mist In The Sky
Somebody's Gonna Ask Me Who I Was
When I Lived In My Grandmother's House
Blue Diamond In Platinum Setting
Mother In Love

Side 2

Track Name
Come Take A Waltz Through My Heart
Peace And Pipes
Zono My Bird
Head Country (To The Lost City Of Zoozoo)
Make It All Right



Woman In The Sun


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Leonda's sole album, Woman in the Sun, is little known even among fans of singer/songwriters of the era. Because Leonda is First Nations, and sometimes uses prominent vibrato in her vocal phrasing, she might generate comparisons to the most well-known Native American singer/songwriter of that era, Buffy Sainte-Marie. Actually, however, she's almost as similar to Annisette of Savage Rose or (more distantly) Melanie, or perhaps some of the gutsier woman singers from late-'60s West Coast rock bands (with backup help from members of the Canadian rock band the Paupers).

Leonda: vocals
Brad Campbell: bass
Teddy Irwin: guitar
Sammy Lawhorn: guitar
Adam Mitchell: organ
Kermit Moore: cello
John Ord: organ, piano
Skip Prokop: drums


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