Kiérah - Stone Mason's Daughter

Format: CD
Label: private
Year: 2013
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: fiddle, celtic
Value of Original Title: $20.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Celtic traditional, 2010's, Folk, British Columbia


Track Name
Galileo’s - Finally Fourty - Waves of Rush
Tuttles - Devil’s Dream - Flora MacDonald’s - The Auld Fiddler
A Street Called Winter - ‘Tis Nothin’ Atall - Paddy Fahey #14
That Dang Tune - Paddy Ryan’s Dream
Climbing the Chief - Trace of Twiss
James McEwen Cairns - Winston’s Jig - Oh As I Was Kissed Yest’reen - The Plagiarist - Dillon Brown
Miss Ferguson of Raith - I Buried My Wife and Danced On Her Grave - Mossy Rock Road
Aunt Sue’s Coming To Town - Semiahmoo Trail - Granville Island Espresso
Ribbon’s & Lacey - Blas 2012 - Pachelbel’s Frolics
Old John’s Jig - Gander In The Pratie Hole - Is Cumadhm Liom - Traditional - Traditional
Bo Mhin Na Toitean - The Caledonian Hunt - Miss Sarah Drummond of Perth - The Wired Monk
Kilnamona Barndance - Ships In Full Sail - Ger The Rigger - The Blackthorne Stick - The Exile of Erin - The Humours of Tulla



Stone Mason's Daughter



2013 Canadian Folk Music Award
"Young Performer of the Year"

“I am so happy to have received this very special award and would like to give a big thank you to musicians Adrian Dolan, Adam Dobres, Daniel Lapp, Martin Nolan and Paul O'Brien for making it such a success"

This, the third album in the repertoire of the captivating Canadian fiddle player, Kierah, is a showcase of the distinctive clarity of presentation of what are mainly her own compositional pieces. Her previous releases, Irish Madness and A Fiddle Affair both received nominations for the Canadian Folk Music Awards and Stonemason’s Daughter deserves that self–same accolade. Classically trained for thirteen years she displays an evident passion for her Celtic heritage through her performance and creative work throughout this album.

With Adrian Dolan on piano, mandolin, mandola and accordion along with Adam Dobres on guitar they play twelve tracks of tunes with a potent panache. The Galileo’s jig deftly picks up steam with a precision that swiftly enfolds into the tempestuous reel Finally Fourty before the resounding crescendo of Waves of Rush brings the Bohemian Rush set to a flourishing finish. The subtlety of key on the piano intro on A Street Called Winter fully enhances the enunciation of notes on a beautiful air written by Kierah herself. This definition is prominent throughout and perfectly suits the traditional march Bó Mhin Na Toitean which slides into strathspeys and reels with a staccato assuredness. Guest musicians Daniel Lapp on banjo, Martin Nolan on whistle and percussionist Paul O’Brien add an alternative flavour especially with the banjo and bodhrán rhythms on the lively Ireland Meets Scotland.

This recording cannot be described as ethereal and sweet; it’s a masterful presentation of how Kierah commands the fiddle with definition and precision. A powerful listen.
-Eileen McCabe, irishmusicmagazine.com

"A classically infused Irish/Scots melange of excitement and reserve. "Stonemason's Daughter" is a work of finely wrought conviction and musical pedigree."
-John O'Regan, The Living Tradition

"Growing up the youngest of 7 children, Kiérah must have felt the real need to stand out, and stand out she does with her new album. It's not just her technical prowess as a traditional fiddler that makes "Stonemason's Daughter" note-worthy, it's her touch with the old tunes and her taste for composing new ones".
-Devon Leger, Hearth Music


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