DeAdder, Lou - Riding a Bicycle

Format: CD
Label: private
Year: 2013
Origin: Whitby, Ontario
Genre: jazz, folk, blues, jig, acoustic, fingerstyle
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Release Type: Albums
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Track Name
Riding a Bicycle
Acoustic Stew
Old School
Sally Ann
Bluesy Thang
Space Cowboy
Saying Goodbye
Grampa's Song
True Love (The Wedding Song)



Riding a Bicycle


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Welcome to my latest musical offering titled “Riding A Bicycle” - an all-original instrumental disc featuring Acoustic Guitar only. This is my 8th CD released since 2005.

I have been writing many acoustic oriented songs these past few years and the “Acoustic Guitar Only” approach was tailor made for this stage of the musical journey. The material is very diverse as all of my song writing has been in the past - an eclectic blend of musical styles.

It was a conversation with Jon Smith a few years ago that started me thinking in this direction - I was playing with my band at a local club in Whitby, ON and opened the 2nd show with an acoustic segment - Jon asked me if I had ever considered doing an all-acoustic CD - it was then that I started to write the tunes for this disc.

Much thanks goes out to David Tkaczuk at D & D Music for the use of his studio and recording engineer expertise. The sessions were fairly gruelling - guitar being the only instrument and totally “under the microscope” so to speak.

I hope you enjoy these tunes - I had a complete blast recording them. I have many future plans for acoustic and electric tunes both instrumental and with vocals - the beat goes on!!!

Lou DeAdder
(June, 2013)

The Tunes

1. Riding A Bicycle - title track - it will stir your emotions

2. Acoustic Stew - jazz influenced number moving counter clockwise around the cycle - I had one bar for each chord to say something

3. Old School - 50's - 60's era tune - love the schoolroom sounds on this one

4. Sally Ann - East Coast Jig/Reel type number

5. Bluesy Thang - freeform improv

6. Space Cowboy - acoustic version of the hillbilly stomp song originally released on my first CD “Lou D’ in 2005

7. Dylan - written for my youngest grandchild who was about one year old at the time and getting into absolutely everything - I was in a Super 8 hotel room in Flint, Michigan when I first came up with the idea

8. Saying Goodbye - about all the times that we say goodbye to one another - love that moves on - those that move away or we move away from....

9. Grampa’s Song - written for my father in law George Goddard who was having some serious health issues at the time but has since passed on

10. True Love (The Wedding Song) - for Janick and Lucas’ journey down the aisle


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