Doyle, Teresa - Song Road

Format: CD
Label: Bedlam Records
Year: 2013
Origin: Belfast, Prince Edward Island
Genre: jazz, folk, First Nations, celtic, gaelic
Value of Original Title: $25.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: Prince Edward Island, 2010's, Folk


Track Name
Girl on The Dunes
Jimmy's Jig
Gone Down River
Maggie Lachlin's Last Storm
A Chuachag Nam Beann
Loka Samasta
Lazy Holiday
Un Destino Nuevo
Song Road
Song For Kate
Caoineath Mhuire



Song Road


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Song Road is a folk/celtic/world recording produced by fiddle wizard and multi-instrumentalist Jaron Freeman-Fox the protege of Teresa’s long time producer the late Oliver Schroer. Teresa is a seasoned performer with years of vocal exploration under her belt. Jaron is a young, exciting, fearless inventor. Together they’ve created a sonic road trip for the musical adventurer.

“The songs were inspired by my travels and conversations with campesinos in Mexico, working and singing with farm women in the fields of Kenya, smoking salmon on the Yukon River and lazing on the beach in Cuba. Jaron and I share an interest in Celtic tunes, Gaelic aires, East Indian music and latin grooves. He was able to capture my curiosity about how other cultures use their voices while keeping firm footing in the songs and stories of my native Prince Edward Island, Canada.”|Teresa


“There’s beauty and plenty for all,” sings Teresa Doyle in her accomplished and life-affirming new album, Song Road, a line that also aptly describes the disc itself.
-John Goddard, Toronto Star

“Working with Jaron Freeman-Fox has brought a new vibrancy to the already exquisite sound that Teresa has created in previous recordings. Teresa has always had great production but the production and arranging on Song Road by Freeman-Fox is the finest to date - production that is meaningful and beautifully serves the music. Teresa is always upping her game, her songwriting is digging deeper with worldly influences that go well beyond the Celts.“
-Tom Coxworth CKUA Folk Routes

“Traditional celtic, folk, jazz, country, Teresa can sing it all, with a voice pure as sunshine. I just saw Teresa's Hugh's Room show and she hit it out of the park!”
-Derek Andrews www.globalcafe.ca

“Sitting listening to a near packed house performance by Teresa was one of my most memorable Hugh's Room concerts and I've attended about 2500 of them. It was like she brought the island with her in a music box and opened it up for all to share. Magic!”
-Holmes Hooke, Booking Hugh's Room

“Teresa Doyle is deservedly becoming a Canadian Treasure! Get to know this award winning artist well! On her latest CD Song Road, Teresa brings her worldwide experiences in songwriting and her outstanding vocals to the mix. Jaron Freeman-Fox adds his expertise as a musician and producer to make this CD one of the gems of 2013. A genuine musical journey worth exploring!! Brilliant; worthy of worldwide acclaim"
-Jim Marino Freewheeling Folk Show 93.3 CFMU cfmu.mcmaster.ca Hamilton On. Can.

“Song Road, an exploration of sound through new landscape, takes us out of ourselves and into realms that invoke our curiosity to explore beyond our reach. We are more than who we think we are. Teresa Doyle and Jaron Freeman-Fox’s shimmering, gifted offering proves that.”
-Mae Moore, singer-songwriter, artist-activist

"Teresa Doyle's latest record Song Road provides us with a wonderful sonic adventure. Stylistically diverse it is all held together by Teresa' s interpretive vocals and world map influenced songwriting. No fast forwarding here but rather repeated listens."
-Grady Poe, artist manager

Dear Teresa,
Last night I was Gone Down River through the night, and this morning in the doctor's waiting room I was Gone Down River for the last time, and when I went to buy groceries this afternoon, I was Gone Down River the whole time....this gosh darn tune is now stuck to my brain.What a great album ! It lilts, it's layered, it's knee slapping, toe tapping - it's stormy, dramatic, rhythmic, exotic, it morphs from either Celtic side of the Atlantic and soars over to India and Africa. Your lyrics are gorgeous, your voice is finely woven textures, and I LOVE all your musicians. Your lovely song for Kate is so very sad and true, but so very beautiful too.
-Susan Sweeney-Hermon

What a great CD you have made Teresa. Rosie (Vaughan) and I were talking about how stunning it is and some of the songs are just out of this world. So powerful and courageous and deep and rich and WOW...I hand it to you Doyle this is some of your most powerful work. BRAVO....
-Gillian Robinson, author


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