45 bob mcbride   expedition   wild eyes vinyl 01


McBride, Bob and Expedition - Wild Eyes b/w Coco Coco Cabana

Format: 45
Label: Aurora Meadows 78-474
Year: 1978
Origin: Toronto, Ontario, 🇨🇦
Genre: rock, pop
Value of Original Title: $10.00
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Release Type: Singles
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, 1970's, Rock Room


Side 1

Track Name
Wild Eyes

Side 2

Track Name
Coco Coco Cabana


45 bob mcbride   expedition   wild eyes vinyl 02

45-Bob McBride & Expedition - Wild Eyes VINYL 02

45 bob mcbride   expedition   wild eyes vinyl 01

Wild Eyes b/w Coco Coco Cabana


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Former Lighthouse vocalist Bob McBride released two, maybe three singles with his band 'Expedition' on the Aurora Meadows imprint. While confirmed catalog numbers include 78-474 and 78-476, there might be a 78-475 nestled in-between. He also released a live self-titled album with Expedition produced by Chris Skene, but the studio recordings remained exclusive to the Aurora Meadows label. For the line-up I am assuming it is the same as the live album, but that would be difficult to confirm at this point.

Assumed line-up:
Bob McBride, guitar, vocals
John Shand: guitar
Miles Wilkinson: guitar
Richard Horbatiuk: bass
Gary Gies: drums, percussion
Francois Valentyne: keyboards
Debbie Schaal: backing vocals
Ricky Yorke: backing vocals

Written by Bob McBride
Produced by Miles Wilkinson
Engineered by Rick Capreol


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