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Medical Undergraduate Society of The University of Toronto - Petals From Daffydil Soundtrack

Format: LP
Label: private ACS 84
Year: 1969
Origin: Toronto, Ontario, 🇨🇦
Genre: Soundtrack, theatre
Value of Original Title: $150.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Haunted Halloween Canadian Style, The Great Canadian Soundtrack, Canadian Women in Song, Mary Jane


Side 1

Track Name
The Cast - Welcome to Hart House
Peter Hanson - I Am the Goblin
Geoff Hodgetts - What You Can Do About Soil Erosion
Arnold Shoichet - Keeping Off the Grass
Geoff Hodgetts, Charles King, Peter Hanson, John Denby, Paul Cohen, and David Rosen - Onward U. Of T. Police

Side 2

Track Name
Dianne Rainey, Ed Hamer, John Denby, and Sid Sukerman - I Dreamed I Was a Doctor
Geoff Hodgetts, Sue Grant, and Paul Caldwell - The Salesman
John Denby, Peter Hanson, Geoff Hodgetts, Paul Cuthbert, and Charles Kominski - Medicine the Miracle of Modern Man
Mike Cord and Russ Schachar - Tell Me, Boris
The Cast - Do You Feel Better Now


Petals from daffydil soundtrack back

Petals From Daffydil Soundtrack BACK

Petals from daffydil soundtrack front

Petals From Daffydil Soundtrack


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Orchestra: Irene Wang, David Rosen, Peter Mezciems, Vince Vocella
Featuring interruptions from scalpel, hammer, and sickle with Paul Camwell, Geoff Hodgetts, Russ Schachar, and Joel Ellenzweig as General Drakov
Music and lyrics by Arnold Shoichet
Produced by Bill Fitzgerald
Engineered by John Carlisle
Recorded on location in the Belgium Congo
Directed by Arnold Shoichet

Back cover photography and design by Bill Shoichet


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