Wilde, Sunday - He Gave Me a Blue Nightgown

Format: CD
Label: private
Year: 2012
Origin: Atikokan, Ontario
Genre: blues
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: Ontario, Blues, 2010's


Track Name
Down the Road Alone
Captured Me
No Matter How Far
Shaken Down
Love Bender
Sunday's Loverman
There Was a Time
Tell Me to Hush?
He Thrills Me Up
Joy Can't You Shine
I Guess I Didnt Hear You Right
Amazing Grace
Blue Spirit Blues



He Gave Me a Blue Nightgown


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The spare arrangements hark back to the early days of recorded music when the focus was on the song and the singer. There are few instrumental solos and when they occur, they are brief statements that quickly shift your attention back Wilde’s delivery of her original material. She lays down a solid rhythm on the piano for “He Thrills Me Up”, her tribute to a good loving man. The mood is a bit more somber when West adds some eerie guitar fills on “Down the Road Alone”. On the contemplative ballad “No Matter How Far”, Wilde expresses the depth of her feelings and yearnings for her man when he is not around. The sassy side of Wilde’s nature comes through loud and clear on “Sunday’s Loverman” as she makes it clear that she tired of doing all of the giving and getting nothing in return. “There was a Time” finds the singer reminiscing on an old love affair. The backwoods sound is sparked by Denmark’s old-timey violin.
-Mark Thompson, Blues Blast Magazine

Sunday wilde is spice not nice, and not afraid to rub your nose in it. She's like camp coffee gritty strong full bodied eye lid peeling. One belted twangy note and you know its her.
-Pete Jabs, The Walleye

This selection of 13 songs, cover an array of the blues, some slow dirty, some slow sad, country blues, acapala blues and gospel blues.

“Down the Road Alone” the first track in the selection of songs, a slow blues tune capturing the remote sadness of living in the north. “Shaken down” the story of a woman deceived by a lover, a fast rolling rockin’ blues number. “There was a time” in a 50’s flavored city blues style where a woman is moving on from what she thought was real love, but it wasn’t. “I guess I didn’t hear you right” revisits a much requested song from her second release “Broken string of Pearls”. Within the selection a love song stands out in the mix “No matter how far” with a delicate vocal that speaks to a long distance love.

With this album, Sunday shares her distinct vocals and emotionally charged lyrics with other seasoned professional musicians to join in to create moving pieces with this new album. David west, international guitarist, plays instinctively on every piece, colouring with riffs gleaned from his world knowledge of music between vocals on his custom double sided guitar. Humber graduate and seasoned upright jazz player, Rory Slater also joins in adding solid jazz flair to the music. The main trio of Sunday, Rory and David play on most of the songs, with guest musicians lending their own creativity on others.

Guest musicians include, Sunday’s son Dawson Paulson who plays percussion drum brushes on a vintage metal mailbox, adding a touch of authentic reverb . Virgil Denmark added in interesting violin pieces giving it an eerie and often classical flair and Janice Matichuk on accordion brings a hometown wilderness of northern Ontario authenticity.
Rennie Frattura aka Reno Jack producing along with Tom Shapiro, sound tech from the now defunct Maple Leaf Gardens, engineering captured this unique exploration of the blues that Sunday wilde brought to the table. This project was recorded at a remote hunting and fishing lodge in the wilderness of northern Ontario on the banks of Banning Lake, at Branch’s Seine River Lodge.

All songs arranged and written by Sunday wilde with exception of Bessie Smith’s “Blue Spirit Blues” with Sunday’s signature acapala style using a tin drum and cue ball for effect as well as the classic “Amazing Grace” rearranged into a blues structure.

Sunday’s last album, also available on CDBABY received international accolades and awards and continues to be played on worldwide roots and blues stations.


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