Cassette aboriginal hitch hike cropped square


Aboriginal Hitch-Hike Rap - ST

Format: cassette
Label: Pat Andrade
Year: 1988
Origin: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Genre: rap, First Nations
Keyword:  First Nations
Value of Original Title: $150.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Nova Scotia, Hip-Hop Rap Room, Indigenous Canada


Side 1

Track Name
Aboriginal Hitchike Rap

Side 2

Track Name
Black Men Once Again



Aboriginal Hitch-Hike Rap - ST


Aboriginal Hitch-Hike Rap - ST


Aboriginal Hitch-Hike Rap - ST


Aboriginal Hitch-Hike Rap - ST

Cassette aboriginal hitch hike cropped square



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Tha Pas: town where Helen Osbourne, a Native woman was raped and killed by a white man and even though many people in the town knew what had happened it took years for anyone to be arrested.

Temagami, Barrier Lake: two reservations where the environment is being threatened and destroyed by logging.

Micmac: hunting rights are currently being ignored by the Nova Scotia government.

Kahnawake: reserve was invaded by an RCMP military force in 1988 on the pretext searching for illegal cigarettes.

Fourth World: book by George Manuel linking the situation of indigenous people around the world/

Co-intel pro: FBI operation whose goals include the assassination or disruption of groups they deem threatening to their concept of democracy, ie Black Panthers, the American Indian Movement.

Okanagan prophesy: one day people of colour will unite on the N. American continent to fight repression, prophesy by an Okanagan elder who also predicted the telephones and telegraphs.

Written by Pat Andrade, inspired in part by conversations with Jeannette Armstrong, Viola Thomas, Dorothy Christian, Sri, Mike Smith & Ellie Kirzner.

Music by Conspiracy @ Crew.

Sri: keyboards and effects
Jon Christian: bass and programming

Additional voices: Pat Andrade, Andre Zhini Mandiela
Mixing done at Sri's. Jon's in Toronto, Canada

Produced and mixed by Sri, Pat Andrade and Jon

Rapping done by Down by Law from Halifax, featuring Joe Run & J. Rock.

Recorded by Steve Slater at Sound Entrophy Studio, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Chants: Cheryl Rielly
Micmac Translation: Morris Isaac
Innukitut translation: Madeleine d'Argencourt

Nakak-ku-viuk u-gag-nir-nit, pi-ga-jar-ta-ngat nuna ataa-nit isi-ga-vit

Cover concept by Whiteboy
illustration by S. Nash
Typeset by Conspiracy B Crew

free to be downloaded per the band's request.


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