Browns (2) - Getting Jiggy With

Format: cassette
Label: Rudy Lee Records
Year: 1998
Origin: Calgary, Alberta
Genre: punk
Value of Original Title: $200.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Punk Room, Alberta, 1990's


Side 1

Track Name
Return to Horror High
American Werewolf in Clgary

Side 2

Track Name
Last House on the Left
Weasel and Sadie, Junkie and Dad



Browns - Getting Jiggy With


Browns - Getting Jiggy With


Browns - Getting Jiggy With


Browns - Getting Jiggy With


Getting Jiggy With


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A horror-themed punk band. Formed in 1998, they played consistently for a year and a half around Western Canada, opening for The New Bomb Turks, Nashville Pussy, AFI, and Good Riddance. In the spring of 1998 the band self-released their first album “Getting Jiggy with The Browns”. At this time, the line up was much different; Charlie - Guitar & Vocals, Emmett - Guitar, Leroy - Bass, Freddy - Drums and Lucy - Keyboards.

During the summer of 1998 Lucy and Emmet left the band, Freddy moved to Guitar and a new drummer named ODB began performing live shows, a new keyboard player was not sought out. Also around this time Charlie gave up his guitar duties and focused solely on lead vocals.

In 1999 Meter Records (Canada) released “Greatest Hits Volume One.” Shortly after the release The Motherfucking Browns played what they said was their “final” show (summer of 1999) much to the dismay of both Meter Records and the Western Canadian music scene.

In 2000 Middle Man Records (USA) released a split 7” record with The Motherfucking Browns and John Q. Public. The Motherfucking Browns contributed a song from their 1999 album; “Lady, Stay Dead!” alongside a cover of “Bullet” a cover by the influential horror-rock band The Misfits.

2003 saw the release of Tony Hawk’s Underground, video game for all major gaming platforms. Alongside bands like Kiss and Social Distortion, The Motherfucking Browns contributed a censored version of their song: “American Werewolf in Calgary”. Tony Hawk’s Underground went on to win several awards as a groundbreaking video game in 2003.

With the success of Tony Hawk’s Underground a new website for the band was announced as well as a new myspace site. Both sites confirmed The Motherfucking Browns were performing with a new line-up: Charlie - Vocals, Eddie - Guitar, James - Bass, Joe - Drums.

2004 saw the release of “And Now the Screaming Starts!” on Meter Records (Canada). After much publicity, and several live shows in the Mid West USA, Horror High Records released their single “The Scream on Halloween” on their “Prom Queen Massacre” compilation, featuring other horror-rock bands such as Blitzkid and Calabrese.

After nearly three years of no activity Meter Records reported that The Motherfucking Browns have returned with the original line up that played on “Greatest Hits Volume One” (except ODB who had since passed away, and replaced by Chow Yun). In the fall of 2007 The Motherfucking Browns played a triumphant “comeback” show in their hometown of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Performing alongside fellow horror rockers Forbidden Dimension. In an interview with Beatroute Magazine a new album for 2008 was announced.

The band is known for their abrasive stage shows, wearing Balaclava ski masks on stage, and songs primarily about horror movies. Charlie Brown is also a contributing writer for horror website www.killerfilm.com

“The best band in the fucking world, you fuckers!”

Charlie Brown: vocals
Kimbo Brown: bass guitar
Brucey Brown: drums
Freddy Brown: guitar
Murphy Brown: guitar


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