templOhm - templOhm zene MMXII

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Label: Planetary Soul Music
Year: 2012
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: electronic, space rock
Keyword:  space
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Playlist: Ontario, Experimental & Electronic, 2010's


Track Name
Mission Eternity



templOhm zene MMXII


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The former members of 80's new wave punk band Ohm and the Secret Sources have regathered with a new incarnation of the band called templOhm. They have released this electronic groovy space rock gem, exclusive to mocm.ca. Mission Eternity is the first track of a 7 track EP.

Music and Lyrics: Shia Faust
Musical Arrangement: Rick Spyder and Shia Faust
Produced by: Rick Spyder (in collaboration w/ Shia Faust)
Engineered by: Rick Spyder
Recorded at: ‘Castle Rock’ Studio, Toronto, ON
Vocals: Pete Morrison and Shia Faust
Keyboards (Piano/Organ/Strings/Poly&Lead Synths): Shia Faust
Guitars/Bass/Cello/ChoirFX: Rick Spyder
Drums: Kevin Read
AD and ‘templOhm’ Logo: Mark Boddington
© templOhm / Planetary Soul Music and OHM Publishing

[Sounds of Earth from Space / NASA]
THIS IS THE PLACE in the vastness of space / Eternal – as we see the door, where there once was a wall / Whatever is born of love cannot break your heart, overcomes the world / Choose to act now, don’t leave it to chance / suspend your belief, get out of the trance / Freedom is within your soul / what will you pack when it’s time to go home (*ohm) / All of our dreams are all that we got / everything tangible once was merely a thought // The city lights are in the way of the stars / don’t blind your heart to the pains of the world / entertain you on some lucrative terms / To keep us alone, to make us forget / to silence our thoughts they impair us instead / In search of love, I may neglect to look / beyond this techno digital insanity / The keepers of society, stranglehold my reality and block the light.
HEY... I was once just like you / I valued honesty, I valued truth / Then was j-j-jolted by some earthly haze / WOKE UP! / Hey, I found some better days / Ever moving energy fields of life / death’s a shadow when you walk in light / This world system may be failing me / but I won’t let it touch my inner reality / Nothing is yours, never will it be / Oh, what an irony, a new world order created by society / but I refuse to disconnect my soul from what may be / out of this world and unknown to me / Mission Control – do you copy? / My soul has been burned / my flesh has been beat / but life is abundant, spill it over to those in need / Your actions will lead to your destiny / That’s your “Mission Eternity”. //
© templOhm / Planetary Soul Music*OhmPublishing / SOCAN

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