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Glynn, Adrian - Bruise

Format: CD
Label: Light Organ Records 25396018220
Year: 2011
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: folk
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: 2010's, Folk, British Columbia


Track Name
The First Time
Blue Belle Lament
Mother Mary
Leavin' Alone
If These Are Endless Days
Seven or Eight Days
When Everything's Right With the World
The Heart of Every Lion
On London Bridge
The Failures
Prayer (Sandy's Song)


R 11543447 1518211469 1164.jpeg




Bruise sounds rough-hewn, but I don’t mean clumsy in any way. If honesty had a sound, this would be it. The incredible intimacy Vancouver’s Adrian Glynn has created on his debut album is what gives each track its strength. A 100-year-old balaika was apparently played on “Mother Mary,” which evokes images of whirling skirts and dusty boots stomping faster and faster to a glorious end. Bruise sounds gritty and weary, and you can hear a lot of chord changing, but it works, especially on the beautiful “Blue Belle Lament,” which sounds like a nomad’s lullaby.

I’m not going to cite influence I have no idea about, but quite a few of the tracks have a hymn-like quality. Glynn’s voice shines with or without accompanying instruments. Unfortunately, several awkwardly timed pauses in the acapella track “The First Time” bring the album off to a weak start. The title track is quiet and gentle, where guitar harmonics abound. “Seven or Eight Days” is a heartbreaking story about lost love but is super slinky and struts its stuff to a great drum beat. And “When Everything’s Right With the World” features vaguely cabaret-style piano and blurry vocals. Bruise is a collection of 12 thoughtful songs that can come off as reserved and rustic, but which, once you get in a good listen, has a ton of passion.
-Adrienne Yeung, Stylus

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