Basketball - Maw

Format: 12"
Label: Broadway to Boundary BDY 010
Year: 2011
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: electronic
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Release Type: 12"
Websites:  No
Playlist: Experimental & Electronic, 2010's, British Columbia


Side 1

Track Name
Suspiros de Chile
Into the Horns of the Sacred

Side 2

Track Name





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If you’ve ever been to Vancouver and spent any time in Stanley Park or on any of the beaches, you’ve probably been forced to side step faux-rastafari, professional sack hackers and devil stick twirlers. God help you if you hang out too long after fireworks or any free concerts.

Thankfully, the tribal percussion and pulsating electronics of Basketball more than make up for all the drum circles and the psychedelic tracers, chanting vocals and Indian influence make the band’s 12″ debut — Maw — a much more spiritual occurrence than the Ras Trent inspired bongo sessions can ever hope to be.

Maw isn’t weed and wasted days; no, the debut 12″ miraculously manages to replicate the band’s underground live sets and capture a moment in time fueled by MDMA, but the songs connect with and inspire the people. This isn’t just about carefree movement, Maw wants to fuel a movement. “Andika” is gritty and the low end is perfect for any of the dank, sweat soaked caves Basketball inhabits, but the vocals explode through the ceiling. The EP high water mark is “Suspiros de Chile”, a song written for the people of Chili in the wake of the devastating Earthquake that destroyed the city. The South American percussion reflects the chaos and power of the event, but also the unbreakable spirit of the people.

Music fans in Vancouver have been waiting patiently for Basketball to get their infectious live sounds to record, and remarkably Maw feels alive and spontaneous but doesn’t require crowds and substances to trigger enjoyment. These four songs stand up to scrutiny and allow for countless listens. The quartet doesn’t get enough credit for their song writing, and Maw should be the first step in rectifying that wrong doing.

buy the album here (548 copies pressed): http://www.thebroadwaytoboundary.com/sitewp/releases/basketball_maw_bdy010/


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