Subhumans - Same Thoughts Different Day

Format: LP
Label: Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 404 (USA)
Year: 2010
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: punk
Value of Original Title: $35.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No


Side 1

Track Name
The Scheme
New Order
Behind My Smile
Out of Line
Big Picture
Dead at Birth
Urban Guerrillas
War in the Head

Side 2

Track Name
Firing Squad
Slave To My Dick
Death to the Sickoids
Greaser Boy
Model of Stupidity
We’re Alive
Let’s Go Down to Hollywood…


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Subhumans - Same Thoughts Different Day

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Subhumans - Same Thoughts Different Day

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Subhumans - Same Thoughts Different Day

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Subhumans - Same Thoughts Different Day

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Subhumans - Same Thoughts Different Day


Same Thoughts Different Day


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If something seems deceptively familiar about punk rock heroes Subhumans' latest endeavour Same Thoughts, Different Day, you're right. Track-by-track, it's an almost identical reinterpretation of their 1980 debut Incorrect Thoughts.

But before you go off all half-cocked, thinking they're pulling something over someone's eyes, understand that after years of potential (and very expensive) litigation with a label that effectively stole Incorrect Thoughts, this was the only option if they wanted to support their own efforts.

That said, Subhumans have ensured that there are absolutely no diminishing returns on Same Thoughts, Different Day, even some three decades later. With comparatively richer recording, tighter, more refined performances and a general sense of enthusiasm despite the circumstances, the disc is an anthemic, provocative and inspiring update of its predecessor.

Yes, there are some moments that forsake youthful vigor for craft, but in the grand context, Subhumans have effectively cleaned up their previous work, added a few treats to increase value and wound up with something entirely of its own merit. As the saying goes, even flowers have to grow from shit and STDD is in full bloom.


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