Myths - ST

Format: CD
Label: private
Year: 2011
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: electronic, synth pop
Value of Original Title: $12.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Experimental & Electronic, 2010's, British Columbia


Track Name
The Horizon
The Labyrinth
Prism Portraits
The Crime
Esprit de Corps








In a time when music is largely shared over the Internet, and YouTube views are seen as a measure of success, it’s rare to find a band that hasn’t been caught in the fast-paced competition of the World Wide Web. The pressure to reach as many people as possible has created a bloated database of quantity over quality that can sometimes be overwhelming and difficult to digest.

Vancouver duo Myths is part of the mysterious minority of the modern music age: a search attempt will fail to shed much light on the electro noise dance duo, made up of Quinne Rodgers and Lief Hall. With only one “mini-CD” of early incarnations of songs available to date and little Internet exposure, Myths have created their reputation from live performances and word of mouth within the scene. They have been careful not to flood the Internet with rough cuts, demos and video clips – a seemingly strategic way to retain their dark intrigue, but also a method to maintain control over their art until the time is right. With the release of a self-titled full-length album in July, an East Coast tour and the promise of a band website, Hall is relieved they’re finally able to be exposed on a deeper level without compromising the quality of their work. “We’re both very particular people with very particular ideas about how we want things to be. We come together on so many points, but we also push each other a lot,” she says. “We have to agree on everything, so it takes a lot longer. We’re interested in having more out in the world. This is finally the first step.”

The album will also finally give fans the chance to experience Myths in a setting outside their live shows, which create an extreme experience with visuals, theatrics, motion and noise. The spontaneous freedom and shared energy in a live setting has left audiences with their own memory of that moment-in-time, but a permanent textbook of material will finally give fans the chance to really sink their teeth into the songs and reach a deeper level of understanding.

The band was formed partly through a mutual interest in sociology, fantasy and mythology, and the idea of turning convention in society into one’s own reality. The ability to dissect their songs on a more personal and intimate level will allow listeners to find these messages, while the use of fantasy themes and abstract techniques will open the doors to interpretation through stimulation. Although the prospect of such vulnerability could create some anxiety, Myths believe they’ve only set the stage to the best of their abilities and with the truest of intentions – it’s now up to the listener to absorb from and react to the material to the extent they desire.

“It’s a delicate balance,” says Rodgers. “I think with art, it’s important to be able to project yourself into it, to see yourself in it.” Hall hopes to finally have their message clearly recognized, while allowing the listener to put together the sum of the parts and find the bigger picture. “You have this jacket, this naked object. It’s like you see the jacket and you take a microscope and you can see all the textures and the colours and it’s just so much richer than just a jacket. It’s not so much about being vulnerable as it is experiencing more. The landscape of your mind is so much richer.”
-Kellen MC, Beatroute

buy the album here: http://www.mythsmusic.com/shop/


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