Thebluevoodoo sparkleshine

Blue Voodoo - Sparkle and Shine

Format: CD
Label: private
Year: 2004
Origin: Langley, British Columbia
Genre: rock, blues
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Release Type: Albums
Playlist: Blues, 2000's, British Columbia


Track Name
Walking Shoes
In The End
I Like it that way
Railway Blues
Full Circle
Voodoo Man
Sparkle & Shine
Come to Me baby
God Damn Thing
Wake Up
Tow the Line
Power of Love


Thebluevoodoo sparkleshine

Sparkle and Shine


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The WCMA Artistic Awards 2005 NOMINEES Outstanding Blues Recording

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Billy Joe Green - Muskrat Blues and Rock & Roll
Megan Lane and Deep Set Soul - purple and blue
South Thunder Bird - Tough Go
The Blue Voodoo - Sparkle & Shine

In this second song collection, The Blue Voodoo again demonstrate their originality, versatility, musicianship and intriguing blues style in "Sparkle and Shine". DJ's and fans from across Australia, USA, Canada and Europe report being spellbound by Vancouver-based The Blue Voodoo's latest project, "Sparkle and Shine". Band members Rick Dalgarno, Ted Tosoff and Chris Weekes have produced an album that is seducing blues enthusiasts around the globe. "Sparkle and Shine" is sure to take a captivating Ride on radio stations for some time to come. See below for a sampling of the feedback so far.

*Kevin Doyle of "Voodoo Healin'" blues radio program says; " I Like this one, With equal parts "the BAND" and "Little Feat" what more could you ask for. Well, the BLUES and this disc delivers the goods!"

*JC Shepard, KRFC-FM USA "The Blue Voodoo hit it again--a bit rock, a lot of roll, toe-tappin twang and blues through and through, Sparkle and Shine surely does."

*Terry Iredale,of Tecka's Tracks Australia stated: "You've done it again. All ridgey didge (Original) tunes. These guys turn Acoustic Guitars into a new "Power Source". Great writing skills, a bit of "Harmony" magic to die for. Recommend it? "Bloody Oath Mate".

*Johnny Max of the Johnny Max Band and DJ of Sunday Night Soul simply said, "This Sparkle and Shine cd is excellent! Really, really good!" (Canada)

Promotions and Marketing of the Blue Voodoo by Voodoohead Productions, White Rock B.C. Canada. For interviews, bookings and information about the Blue Voodoo phone Bryon at 604-531-9828

About the Blue Voodoo

Rick "the devil" Dalgarno is highly skilled at both the rhythm and lead guitar. Rick's unique singing style and guitar playing is inspiring and captivating. He provides a raw emotion and intensity that is rooted in the blues music he performs. Rick's playing really shines through on the Delta Blues style and has a magic all his own on the Dobro.

Ted "Teddy J" Tosoff is a mainstay on vocals and rhythm guitar. His musicianship and years of performing on the road and in the studio is evident throughout his performances. His years behind the board in recording studio's producing other artists CDs gives him a special insight and ability to put out a top-notch product. The background he has developed over the years gives him a solid understanding of the overall music business.

Chris "o-tay" Weekes offers great vocals and some crazy percussion while Daniel "The Wizard" Ross rounds out the group on Bass and vocals. Chris Weekes' own unconventional percussion is a cornerstone of the group, his 'kit' complete with tambourines, exotic instruments, shakers, along with the traditional snare and bass adds to the unique sound of this West Coast Group. What sets the blue voodoo apart from many bands today is their ability to provide rich harmonies and rhythms that will captivate anyone who hears them, that is voodoo magic for sure.


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