Rox, Robbie and the Rude Band - Once the Head's Blown Off

Format: CD
Label: Slip Disc DS CD-001
Year: 1995
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Value of Original Title: 
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, Rock Room, 1990's


Track Name
Uptight Visitor
Ridiculous Host
Once the Head's Blown Off
Jeep Creeps
Mexican Gigolo
Don't Give a Fuck
Kissing the Ass of Freedom



Robbie Rox and the Rude Band - Once the Head's Blown Off


Robbie Rox and the Rude Band - Once the Head's Blown Off


Once the Head's Blown Off


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This CD was recorded in a very experimental way and of course I wasn't sure whether it was going to work. We did it at Street Brothers Studio, which had 'state of the art equipment', but the band recorded direct to DAT (digital audio tape). This meant no multi tack recording, so we couldn't mix or replace tracks later. In other words we had to go with the mix that we started with and were stuck with that. To make things more interesting we invited a whole bunch of friends (including the notorious 'Glueheads') to party, and drink beer. What we ended up with was a good, live sounding, non-anal tape of classic Rox material and a live audience. The cd cover was a bit of a stretch for me because I posed nude as 'The Thinker'. It all worked.

Mike Siracusa: drums
Mike Theodore: bass and percussion
John Kruka: keyboards
Lou Lotufo: guitar
Robbie Rox (Robert Theodore): vocals and percussion:

All Compositions: Robert Theodore

Engineered by Don Garbutt and Tom Tait
Executive Producer: John Carr
Principal Photography by Keith Penner

Band Photo by Scunyun
Cover Concept by Wayne Scott


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