Marshall law read em n weap


Marshal Law - Read em' 'n' Weep

Format: CD
Label: Maddman Records MMR 931
Year: 1990
Origin: Scarborough, Ontario, 🇨🇦
Genre: rock, thrash
Value of Original Title: $40.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, Haunted Halloween Canadian Style, Rock Room, 1990's


Track Name
Axe Fiend
Lil' Miss Evil
Hellhound Boogie Part II
Witches' Brew
Six-Gun Sound
Ridin' High in the Saddle
Love 'n' Desire
Between Two Hearts
Cry of the Wilde
The Ballad of Dorian Grey
Somethin' in the Wind
All Night Rock 'n' Roll Party



Marshal Law - Read em' 'n' Weep


Marshal Law - Read em' 'n' Weep

Marshall law read em n weap

Read em' 'n' Weep


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STARS SHINE, STARS FADE and after a few album releases the business end of things claimed another victim. So by the late 1980s Reckless was no more, but not before establishing Steven as a serious talent on the international stage. But the story takes a turn here ’cause now the Canadian music scene was a much more happening thing and dreams of international fame got put on the back burner. It was time for a new act with an even heavier sound and Marshal Law was born to go out and haunt the Great White North.

BIG HAIR, SOME LEATHER AND A LITTLE FLASH THROWN IN added to the screaming guitar sound of Marshal Law. Between playing the likes of famous venues like The Gasworks the band found time to record an album. There wasn’t a record company involved but band member Sean Keith owned the (in)famous Demo Factory where a lot of the tracks were laid down. This was around the time I first met Steve. Now mind you I'd heard of the man and his reputation but it was my first chance to really hear his talents. Crap I was blown away! Here was an unreleased album with at least half a dozen solid hits that other acts could only have wet dreams of writing. So being a video type guy I was asked to shoot footage for a track called Sixteen & Excited which got some play on Much Music.

TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE, trends change and things evolve, ya can't hold back the river. Great songs don't always mean you'll make it, especially when the new sound was all about clean cut dance beat music without big noisy guitars. It wasn't for lack of trying but Marshal Law couldn't get a release for their album Read ’Em ’N’ Weep so Steve put it out as an indie under his own label. Unfortunately it never did very well selling only at gigs or by word of mouth. But the story doesn't end quite there ’cause if ya wait long enough all things old become new again. And by that I mean there's recently been a call in film and television for unreleased classic big hair rock. To which I can somewhat proudly say I've had a hand in helping get placements for some of the tracks through our L.A. agent for both American and Canadian projects. There's still some life in the old corpse, who knows what the future will bring.

Steve Madden: vocals, guitar
Sean Keith: guitar
Steve D'Souza: bass
James Baird: vocals, drums
Jeremy Thornton: vocals, keyboards

Produced by Andrew St. George, Sean Keith, and Steve Madden


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