45 riedel bros help me find my way


Riedel Brothers - Help Me Find My Way b/w Estevan's Old North Star Mine

Format: 45
Label: F.M. Records P.O. Box 51
Year: 1959
Origin: Estevan, Saskatchewan
Genre: folk, country
Keyword:  mining, mine
Value of Original Title: $10.00
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Release Type: Singles
Websites:  No
Playlist: Canadian Places, 1950's, Manitoba, Canadian Folk


Side 1

Track Name
Help Me Find My Way

Side 2

Track Name
Estevan's Old North Star Mine



Riedel Brothers - Help Me Find My Way b/w Estevan's Old North Star Mine

45 riedel bros help me find my way

Help Me Find My Way b/w Estevan's Old North Star Mine


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The Riedel Brothers were Emil, Herman, Rudolph and Fred and were a popular German Folk group who sang together from the 1930's. They were originally from the Portage La Prairie District of Manitoba, but they moved with their parents to Weyburn, Saskatchewan to be farmers. The boys returned to Winnipeg in 1946 and operated a family sawmill enterprise in eastern Manitoba for a number of years.

The quartet also cut 3 German folk and Love folk albums on the Point label, and other German folk albums on the MCA Coral and Regis labels.

The ballad on the flip side is about the short-lived North Star Mine in Estevan, Saskatchewan which commenced production in 1955. After mining coal, moss silver and filliform silver, it was closed three years later in 1958. Both tunes on this single were written by Frances Meckler.
-Robert Williston

‎Edith Perry‎ to Museum of Canadian Music
March 2, 2018
I was surprised to see the music of my uncles, the Riedel Brothers Quartet, listed under the category "16 Canadian Places". They had five LPs and a single [45] recorded away back in the late 1960s. The LPs were all German folk songs sung in their traditional Canadian Country Western style. The single was written by a friend from Beinfiet - Estevan in Saskatchewan who had played the lone female role in a travelling road show the Riedels went on tour with during the 1940s on the the Prairies. My uncles never made money to speak of despite years of travelling through the Prairie provinces and parts of Ontario as well as down through several states in the U.S. and other performances on Sask and Mb radio stations and at various events. They even spent a year or two travelling with the Casey Shows as the Arkansas Hillbillies sporting their very own beards. They were a back up band on the popular CJOB's radio Western Hour held in the Starland renamed the Dominion Theater on Main Street in downtown Winnipeg. Oh and they never did live in or near Portage la Prairie. They went from Beausejour to a homestead in Amaranth, inter Lake area of Manitoba then to S.W. Saskatchewan [ Verwood and Beinfiet - Estevan] and finally back to Manitoba, specifically Anola east of Winnipeg. farming, a lumber mill and odd jobs were their mainstay of living. Music in the end was an elusive dream!


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