45 contradance pic sleeve ep front


Contradance - Black Preppies EP (picture sleeve)

Format: 45
Label: World Record Corp. WRC5-2315
Year: 1982
Origin: Windsor, Ontario
Genre: new wave
Value of Original Title: $75.00
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Release Type: Singles
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, New Wave Post Punk Wave, 1980's


Side 1

Track Name
Black Preppies
Trouble in the Darkness

Side 2

Track Name
She's Got an Eyepiece
Professional Dads



Contradance - Black Preppies EP (picture sleeve)


Contradance - Black Preppies EP (picture sleeve)


Contradance - Black Preppies EP (picture sleeve)

45 contradance pic sleeve ep front

Black Preppies EP (picture sleeve)


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Hey! It's Contradance with "Black Preppies," the best song off their "Look Buffy, four songs just for us!" E.P.

Yes, finally! Windsor's premiere new wave party band (from mid- to late-1982) is back for your listening enjoyment!
Pure pop pleasure, folks. The fun guitar sounds highlight the satire.
Bonus: irony and humour!

Black Preppies
Written by Ken Montague, 1982

My girlfriend bought me
A button-down shirt
And she's looking good
In her purple plaid skirt

Now I'm into colours that'd
Make your eyes hurt
Like pink and green
Green Izod shirts


Why is everybody changing me
Into being nothing but a
Black Preppy?

I'm wasting all my money
On my classic look
Just so that I don't look
Like a common crook

Pashmina crewneck sweater...

Marti and I went to Bloomingdale's
We always get into those American sales
Bought some topsiders that fit just right
They're not too big
But they're not too tight


Look out!

Linen trousers!
Pink Lacoste!
Bermuda shorts!
I don't mind the cost
Tortoise-shell glasses
Ice cream cone

Hey, all you misfits!
Just leave me alone!

Kinky curls and khaki pants
My girlfriend listens to Contradance
Jocks and lowlifes look at me:
A walking, talking Black Preppy.


Hey where are my argyle socks anyway?!

Contradance were:
Dave McDonald - bass,
Ken Montague - guitar, vocals,
Arif Qureshi - drums

Recorded at Aldon Sound 4 Studios, Windsor, Ontario, Canada on August 3rd, 1982.
Engineered and mixed by Richard Janik

Thanks to Pete for loaning us his copy of the single.

Kids on the street corners of Windsor used to sing:
"I'm wasting all my money
On my classic look
Just so that I don't look
LIke a comic book"
But alas! Those are not the correct lyrics.


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