Mother Mother - Eureka

Format: LP
Label: Last Gang Records Q1 01287
Year: 2011
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: avant-pop
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: British Columbia, 2010's, Canadian Pop


Side 1

Track Name
Chasing It Down
The Stand
Baby Don't Dance
Original Spin
Born In A Flash
Simply Simple

Side 2

Track Name
Aspiring Fires
Far In Time
Calm Me Down



Mother Mother - Eureka




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Eureka, indeed. Picking up where their last album, O My Heart, left off, Vancouver, BC five-piece Mother Mother's third album finds the band set on overdrive, amping up almost every aspect of their sound. Thankfully, the quintet have retained the oddball quirkiness that endeared them to fans in the first place. Nowhere is this more evident than on call-and-response first single "The Stand," an irresistible slice of power pop that finds frontman Ryan Guldemond playing psychiatry patient to back-up singers and keyboard players Jasmin Parkin and his sister, Molly. Clearly Mother Mother's defining trademark, the trio's interweaving three-part vocals are placed front and centre on most of the album's dozen tracks, anchored by the rock-solid rhythm section of Jeremy Page and Ali Siadat. Fans of the band's earlier, folkier incarnation might be disappointed by the new record's more rocking vibe, but they've managed to maintain their essence. Chockfull of hooks, Eureka will no doubt break Mother Mother to a whole new group of fans. Thankfully, few records are as deserving of adoration as this one.
-Ian Gormely, Exclaim


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