Steelback five star lady


Steelback - Five Star Lady

Format: LP
Label: Handover Records, World Record Corp. WRC1-2170
Year: 1982
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: rock hard
Value of Original Title: $50.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Rock Room, 1980's, British Columbia


Side 1

Track Name
Spinning Jennies
5 Star Lady
Sky Ride

Side 2

Track Name
Make Me Do Anything You Want
House of the Son



Steelback - Five Star Lady

Steelback five star lady

Five Star Lady


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Darby Mills was in Steelback as lead vocalist before Glen Duley. She left to join the Headpins around 1981 and was replaced by Glen. The album version of the band featured an all-male group who played a good brand of hard rock with a little Pomp. Glen Duley, vocalist, has a style and delivery a couple of octaves down from Geddy Lee of Rush fame.

"As a DJ from '78 - '82 (the Answer, Chilliwack, Fun Palace, Abbotsford and Whispers in North Van) I have to say Steelback was my favorite band to work with. Dennis was a great practical joker and we were always doing something to each other. If you know anyone in the band ask them about the DJ they blew up in Chilliwack. And then there was his car...a pinto with a 455 monster engine (correct me if I'm wrong Dennis). Dennis drove it over from the Island (Nanaimo) one summer and we cruised up to Cultus Lake. Some guy in a Chevy Nova with a 350 challenged Dennis at a red light and...well the rest is history...the only thing I saw when Dennis hit second gear was the 2 or three RCMP cars in the restaurant parking lot. I think the car was still in the air at that what a car. We stopped for gas and the mechanic came out to see what was purring so smoothly. Dennis popped the pins on the hood and took it off...the mechanics' jaw dropped. He couldn't believe that Dennis could fit the engine into a Pinto. Dennis moved the firewall back close to a foot, among other mods, to make it fit. 6 point roll cage topped it off. The best part was it was under his grandmother's name so the insurance was next to sleeper on the road that I ever saw. Hope you guys are all healthy and livin large."

Glen Duley: vocals
Michael Toth: guitar
Terry Ruth: bass
Dennis Hill: drums, vocals
Rob Gawthrop: keyboards, vocals


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