Simani christmas fancy front


Simani - Christmas Fancy

Format: LP
Label: SWC Productions SD XO95
Year: 1985
Origin: Fortune Bay, Newfoundland
Genre: Christmas, traditional
Value of Original Title: $50.00
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Canadian Christmas


Side 1

Track Name
Any Mummers Allowed In
Promises to Keep
Crooked Stovepipe
Santa Just Might Not
One Wish

Side 2

Track Name
Christmas Fancy
Little Christmas Dream
Minnie White Medley
Changing Toys
Merry Christmas, World


Simani christmas fancy back

Simani - Christmas Fancy

Simani christmas fancy front

Christmas Fancy


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Bud Davidge: lead vocals, harmony vocals
Sim Savory: accordion, rhythm and lead guitar, bass
Neil Bishop: rhythm and lead guitar
Mervin Maxwell: steel guitar
Bill Guest: fiddle, piano
Claude Caines: bass

Produced by Simani
Engineered by Neil Bishop and Sim Savory
Recorded and mixed at Clode Sound Studios and Sim's Studio, Belloram, Newfoundland, between September 1982 and September 1985
Manufactured by Arc Sound Company Ltd.


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