Ryan, Sherry - Wonderful Cures

Format: CD
Label: private
Year: 2007
Origin: Middle Cove, Newfoundland
Genre: folk, blues, soul
Value of Original Title: 
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Newfoundland Labrador, 2000's, Folk


Track Name
Walking Talking You
Leave The Light On
Tuckerd In Tuckered Out
Something Else
By My Side (Doggie Song)
Heap Of Human Kindness
Take It Anyway
Stuck In Rewind
Goodnight Forever
Drown The Blues



Wonderful Cures


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Spellbinding release of distinguished quality.

From Newfoundland with the voice of a spirited Lucinda Williams, this second album by the hugely successful Sherry Ryan proves further evidence to the claim that Bob Harris has of the high number of great artists coming out of the Canadian woodwork right now; Sherry should by all means be counted in that musical camp for certain.

The emotionally provocative Heap of Human Kindness will surely be listed in the top-ten tracks of all time by those who hear it. It has a counterculture feeling about it due to the style of the picking, which it seems at times transports its audience to the not-too-distant past. As with many of the tracks on the album, Take it Anyway effortlessly creates an aura of peace about it which I’m sure Sherry was writing at her happiest. When her childhood home was the tranquil Newfoundland, who can blame this happiness still existing in Sherry and finding itself on such tracks? Downtrodden Hampshire in England somehow doesn’t quite compare with the picturesque Canadian territory. Drown the Blues has the loudest and grooviest sound of the eleven tracks that includes some traditional blues and rock and roll in its mix. It gradually builds up from a musical cocoon until the butterfly of vitality that is this song is truly able to fly from its previous mellow instrumental and harmonic tendencies.

An artist to prove that Canadian music just keeps getting better and better, this album is further proof that life becomes more enjoyable when hearing such tracks and makes living that little bit extra special.
Maverick Magazine


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