Dry Heeves - And I'll Call Rusty

Format: CD
Label: Polygon 023
Year: 2005
Origin: Meat Cove, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Genre: rock, metal, pop, electronic, experimental, World
Value of Original Title: 
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Release Type: Albums
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Track Name
Agent Purple 3.9M
Still Life I
Dats All She Wrote Bye
Auld Anxiety
Still Life II
Under My Chin
Still Life III
The Girl In The Blue Velvet Van
Still Life IV
Love Song
The Chant At The End Of I Am The Walrus
Still Life V
J.C. and the Dirty Dozen
Still Life VI
Ballad of the Giant Squid
Still Life VII
Voicemail Blues.mp3
Still Life VIII
6046 North Street



And I'll Call Rusty


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If Beck was to be sucked into a vacuum cleaner along with an assortment of squeaky toys and a few old Butthole Surfers albums the resulting cacophony would sound like The Dry Heeves performing their JC and the Dirty Dozen, oh… but wait… the next track Still Life VI sounds nothing like that, a big old distorted bass grooves along to a drum machine set on demo mode, in a wind tunnel. But wait… hang on… Ballad of the Giant Squid is um well… Monty Python, Flying Lizards um.. Coil-ish.. no not really.. er…

Anyway… it's all still wonderful stuff, its great to hear guys having so much fun, and not caring if the girls like them or not! The Dry Heeves are clowns, and we all know how scary clowns are.

-Mark Francombe
Furthernoise (January 2006)


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