Black Bags - ST (split with Trailer Camp)

Format: 45
Label: Rock Can Roll Records
Year: 2006
Origin: St. John's, Newfoundland
Genre: rock
Value of Original Title: 
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Release Type: Singles
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Playlist: Rock Room, Newfoundland Labrador, 2000's


Track Name
Raining Hammers



ST (split with Trailer Camp)


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Straight from the darkness of the night comes The Trailer Camp/Black Bags split 7". Two bands from Newfoundland traveled to Ontario and back, having the time of their lives. This record is, at the very least, a document of the friendship and cohesiveness that endured during the first Rock Can Roll Records tour. Trailer Camp blast out two brand new tracks, setting forth on new landscapes and pushing their signature sound while still maintaining the intensity and dynamics contained in their previous efforts. The Black Bags hone a driving rhythm within their two bursts of poppy sensationalism, caressed beautifully by combined male and female vocal harmonies. The record was masterfully engineered by one capable Jonathan Hynes at the Independent Artists Cooperative’s private studio; making for a delicate but abrasive aura of tonnage. The artwork was lovingly created and designed by Mark Bennett, a promising up and comer in Newfoundland’s design squad. The record was strictly limited to 300 copies, with 33 on opaque white, 33 on transparent blue, 33 on swirl green, and 201 on black.


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