Bertrand, Frank - The Land of Shining Waters b/w The Land of Shining Waters

Format: 45
Label: C.H.E.X. Radio PHC 75
Year: 1975
Origin: Peterborough, Ontario
Genre: pop
Keyword:  Ontario, Peterborough, Civic Pride
Value of Original Title: $20.00
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Release Type: Singles
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, 1970's, Canadiana, Canadian Places


Side 1

Track Name
The Land of Shining Waters

Side 2

Track Name
The Land of Shining Waters



Frank Bertrand - The Land of Shining Waters b/w The Land of Shining Waters


The Land of Shining Waters b/w The Land of Shining Waters


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Civic pride recording made for the 150th anniversary of Peter Robinson Immigration. In 1825 Peter Robinson brought 2,024 Irish catholic settlers from County Cork to arrive in Peterborough, Ontario.

Music by Frank Bertrand
Lyrics by Bill Ayotte
Lyrics by Frank and Dorothy Bertrand
Produced by Rick Sloan

"They sailed from Cork in May 1825, and reached Quebec after a voyage of thirty-one days. They then proceeded immediately to Kingston where they spent two weeks in tents. Dysentery and fever and ague worked havoc among them here, and there were as many as eleven funerals in a single day. From Kingston they travelled to Cobourg by lake steamer and thence on foot and by ox-cart over twelve miles of almost impassible trail to Gore's Landing on Rice Lake. A sixty-foot Durham boat then carried them in daily parties of thirty up twenty-five miles of the Otonabee River to a concentration camp at a, hamlet which was then called "Scott's Plains" (after one Adam Scott who had built a mill there early in 1825) but which was renamed "Peterborough" in 1827 as a compliment to the Hon. Peter Robinson. While the immigrants were gathering here, Mr. Robinson let many profitable contracts to earlier settlers to slash :bush roads into surrounding territory, to act as guides to the immigrants who went out to choose their respective 100 acre lots, to build log shanties on these lots at an average cost of ten dollars each, and to rent their carts and oxen for the transportation of the incoming; women, children and baggage." read more: http://www.canadiangenealogy.net/ontario/victoriacounty/emily_township.htm


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