Media - Girl I Want You b/w Endless Dream

Format: 45
Label: HMS M4
Year: 1967
Origin: Calgary, Alberta
Genre: psych, garage
Value of Original Title: $3,000.00
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Release Type: Singles
Websites:  No
Playlist: The Garage, Holy Grails, Top 1000 Canadian Singles of All Time, Most Valuable Canadian Music, 1960's, Alberta, Rarest Canadian Music


Side 1

Track Name
Girl I Want You

Side 2

Track Name
Endless Dream



Media - Girl I Want You b/w Endless Dream


Girl I Want You b/w Endless Dream


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Calgary, Alberta holy grail garage single.

We cut that single in about 1967 in Calgary. I wish they'd start playing this stuff on the radio again. Here in the US, the corporate music stations only play a few tunes from the past that they figure they can still sell; or the hyped-up modern crap that's all promotion and no talent. AM radio is dominated by blowhards spouting their political/religious opinions. When I was a kid they used to play innovative rock like this, but now it's the listening equivalent of eating processed food!
-Ted Kyte

Ted Kyte: guitars, backup vocals
Rick Buckthorpe: drums, lead vocals
Drew Mowbray: keyboards, backup vocals
Dave Nobes: bass, backup vocals

pics courtesy Ivan Amirault


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