DeAdder, Lou - Altered Reality

Format: CD
Label: Start It Up Records LDECD 07
Year: 2007
Origin: Whitby, Ontario
Genre: funk, rock, blues, rhythm & blues
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: Ontario, Blues, 2000's


Track Name
Hot Rod Beach Party
Space Cowboy
Modal Therapy
Wobbly Pop
Randy's Mushroom Song
Altered Reality
The Funky Strudel
Groove Crew



Lou DeAdder - Altered Reality


Altered Reality


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Lou has been continuously perfecting his guitar style and approach to the music that he loves from the moment that he decided to take up the guitar and play at the very youthful age of twelve in 1964; his career started when he began performing in small sized gigs at the age of fifteen in his hometown of Brampton, Ontario; subsequently, Lou has over the years played his way across the length and breadth of Canada; either as solo artist or as part of what seemed to be an endless number of band line-ups.

Now in 2007 with this his third release for Start-Up Records we find Lou pushing out the boundaries and leaving behind secure and accepted comfort zones which many other guitarists would cling to with desperation; his inquisitive and experimental nature causes him to venture into areas of sound and musical vision that many have yet to embrace. His musical explorations delve into various musical forms ranging from Blues through Rock and on to Heavy Metal, using the flexible genre of Jazz Fusion to meld all the differing styles into one continuous rollercoaster ride, which delivers an eyebrow raising, jaw dropping Catherine wheel of sound.

The electric, eclectic kinetic effect of Lou’s guitar playing entwined with the dexterously jagged horn section led by one Leo Sullivan not only results in pleasant surprises but also causes an addictive desire to hear the album again and again, to seek out further hidden gems.

In many ways this album reminds one, of the album “Wired” released by Jeff Beck in the seventies where his Jazz Rock/Fusion interpretations gave the numbers a stark and highly emotive edge. This album contains the same clean crisp searching edge; which also elevates it to another level.

Lou has written all nine highly original numbers; Lou; guitar, has a core band of three players; Brett Piekarz; bass and Enrique Loyola; drums, joining them on this album are; Leo Sullivan; tenor, alto & baritone saxophone, Steve McDade; trumpet, flugelhorn, Bryden Baird; trumpet, Marty Kolesnyk; Martin Aucoin; John Marmora; Steve O’Connor; Lance Anderson; organ, & Gary Craig; Franko Woodcock; drums.

This is a trip where you don’t need the acid!

-Brian Harman

Lou DeAdder: guitar, songwriter, co-producer
Brett Piekarz: bass, co-producer
Enrique Loyola: drums and firebell
Marty Kolesnyk: organ and piano
Martin Aucoin: organ
Leo Sullivan: tenor, alto and baritone sax
Steve McDade: trumpet and flugelhorn


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