Fleur mainville finding treasures

Mainville, Fleur - Finding Treasures

Format: CD
Label: Fleur 2001
Year: 2001
Origin: Pictou County, Nova Scotia
Genre: traditional, fiddle, celtic
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Release Type: Albums
Websites:  No
Playlist: Nova Scotia, Celtic traditional, 2000's


Track Name
"G" Whiz
River Johnnies
My Favorite Things
Orange Blossom Special (Dave's Tune)
The Long Hull
Carole & John Melody
Dinky's Ramblings
Mackeel's Reel
La Rose
Aldune's Set
5 For 4
Ashoken Farwell



Fleur Mainville - Finding Treasures

Fleur mainville finding treasures

Finding Treasures


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Fleur Mainville's debut independent CD Finding Treasures was recorded by Dave Gunning in the Wee House of Music. Her fan base has grown to include followers from all over the world. She has toured with many groups and continues to perform as a solo artist and as a contributing musician with groups such as Dave Gunning, Steve Bower's, Kilt, The Stadacona Band, George Canyon.... and has provided her talent to many recording artists such as Dave Gunning, John Spyder MacDonald, Maurice Poirier, Steve Bowers, Rudy, and others. She has continued to share the stage with many artists and is in high demand as a performer who can play in many different styles and with a flare on stage that demands attention and recognition.


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