Kestrels - Primary Colours

Format: CD
Label: Noyes Records NR-015
Year: 2009
Origin: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Genre: pop
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: Nova Scotia, Pop, 2000's


Track Name
Sailed On
Our Velocity
The Heart of a Lonely Storm
Plastic Dresses
Primary Colours
Everyone, Everyone
Take the Picture
Light and Sound



Kestrels - Primary Colours


Primary Colours


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Try to imagine all your favorite sounds. Imagine melody, harmony, summer shore lines and the drones from the engines that got you there. Now, take these sounds and drive them through an endless onslaught of distortion pedals and rapid-fire drums and you've got a little bit of Kestrels - a polite mix of sincerity and guitar rock excess, of melody and vibration, of every sound you ever loved sounding like you've never heard it before.

After releasing their first 7" on Noyes Records (Seaside b/w On Our Time) to high acclaim, the boys are back with their first long-player. Crafted over three years in 6 different studios, Primary Colours is a wonderfully ambitious and ambitiously wonderful debut album that begs to be listened to over and over again. An album like a charming scoundrel, making nice with your record player and then refusing to let her see other records. A skin of loud, distorted instruments hiding a layer of beautiful pop melodies just under the surface. Tracks such as "Sailed On", "Our Velocity" and "Ridicule" showcase the band brilliantly balancing noise pop and melody with a heavy rhythm section and colossal guitars. Hey, there's even a guitar solo here and there.

The album is a CD/LP release out July 7th on Noyes Records. A stickler for details, Kestrels have included download codes on the back of one-of-a-kind photos for the hyper-limited LP release (only 250 copies!).

buy Kesrels here: http://noyesrecords.com/artists/kestrels


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