Robinson, James H. - The Songs We Sing

Format: CD
Label: McMusic Ltd., Mousehole Music CD 2003.5RE
Year: 2003
Origin: Sudbury, Ontario
Genre: folk, country
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: Alberta, 1970's, Canadian Folk, Ontario, Canadian Country & Western


Track Name
The Songs We Sing
Alberta Highway
I Guess That's Only Natural
One Time Flyer
I'd Like to Sing
Hell on the Road
Dance With Me (Mary Jo Roy)
High School Buddies
Lady in Red
Stay the Night
Magic Eyes
Miss You
Dance of Lovers
Seems Like a Cryin' Shame
Lady Summertime
Livin' Life Like a Fool
3-4 Time
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James H. Robinson - The Songs We Sing


James H. Robinson - The Songs We Sing


James H. Robinson - The Songs We Sing


James H. Robinson - The Songs We Sing


James H. Robinson - The Songs We Sing


James H. Robinson - The Songs We Sing


James H. Robinson - The Songs We Sing


The Songs We Sing


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Although Jim passed away before all of his dreams were realized, this native of Sudbury, Ontario who later called Ottawa home, left us with a treasuretrove of terrific folk and country music. Jim' music received a lot of airplay throughout Canada, the USA, Great Britain, Australia & Belgium and he was nominated for Outstanding New Artist at the Big Country Awards in 1987. Although a few of his singles charted on RPM Country Charts in the mid eighties, most of his music remained hidden away until it was uncovered and re-released in 2003 by Ottawa's Ian McLeish of Mousehole Music.

Give this music a listen for James H. Robinson was one of Canada's most talented singer songwriters, a poetic genius. His music is filled with honesty and passion, and like the liner notes say, "many of these songs are so good they should be standards - to be played and recorded over and over, and loved by people all around the world". Fortunately for us, Jim's music lives on with this terrific collection of music; a fitting tribute which features all of James' singles, demos, and a few unreleased and unfinished studio masters spanning all phases of his career.

You can download the album here at mocm.ca or buy the CD directly from Mousehole Music here:

Either way, this album belongs in every folk music afficianado's catalogue.
-Robert Williston
Museum of Canadian Music


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