45 negro jazz funeral


Negro Jazz Funeral - Wounded Knee

Format: 45
Label: Green Fuse Records GF 15
Year: 1984
Origin: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: punk, hardcore
Value of Original Title: $60.00
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Release Type: Singles
Websites:  No
Playlist: Canadian Punk, 1980's, Ontario


Side 1

Track Name
Wounded Knee

Side 2

Track Name
Sitting! Pretty
Happy Sad
Drag it Out



Negro Jazz Funeral - Wounded Knee


Negro Jazz Funeral - Wounded Knee cardboard insert

45 negro jazz funeral

Wounded Knee


No Video


This is the original press of this Canadian punk EP. There is also an early 2000s bootleg, which has the art from the insert printed on the inside of the folded cardboard sleeve (meaning there is no additional insert). This (original) version has both a fold-out cardboard sleeve AND a fold-out cardboard insert. Pretty fucking boss late-punk/early-HC record, A-side sounds like an 'Exile On Main Street' outtake with Gary trying to imitate Captain Beefheart... B-side has three songs, closer to being by-the-numbers melodic HC. Female vocalist on the faster/shorter songs. Cool record.

Michel Tremblay committed suicide before the 45 was released; his death was the reason for the single.

Katherine Latanville: lead vocals
Gary Galassi: lead vocals (vocals on ‘Wounded Knee’)
Michel “Cajun” Tremblay: drums at the live shows
Hugo von Levetzow: drums on the record (except an earlier recording of Cajun Mike appears on the intro to “Sitting Pretty”)
William “Bill” Genereux: guitar
Greg “Drummer” McKenzie: bass


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