Kathleen edwards hockey skates


Edwards, Kathleen - Hockey Skates

Format: CD single
Label: Zoe 1278P
Year: 2002
Origin: Ottawa, Ontario
Genre: rock, folk, pop
Keyword:  Hockey
Value of Original Title: $15.00
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Release Type: Singles
Websites:  No
Playlist: Ontario, Hockey Room, 2000's


Track Name
Hockey Skates


Kathleen edwards hockey skates

Hockey Skates


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Going down in the same old town down the same street to the same bar
And the same old people saying hi and I don't care
Going down in the same old bar and I don't even order anymore
I am so sick of consequence and the look on your face
I am tired of playing defense
I don't even have hockey skates

You can meet me at ten thirty
I won't be there I'll be gone
We can talk like we are friends
Going over it all again
Talking about everything I am doing wrong

Do you wish your nose was longer
So you'd have an excuse not to see past it
Do you wish the lights were brighter in the city that you live
I am so sick of consequenceS..

Do you think your boys club will crumble
Just because of a loud-mouthed girl?


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