Vancouver complication


Compilation - Vancouver Complication

Label: Pinned PIN 7933001
Year: 1979
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: punk, rock
Value of Original Title: $200.00
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Release Type: Album Various Artists
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Playlist: 1970's, Punk Room, VA VANCOUVER, British Columbia, MOCM Top 1000 Canadian Albums


Side 1

Track Name
Pointed Sticks - The Marching Song
Exxotone - Big Shot
D.O.A. - Kill, Kill, This is Pop
Active Dog - Fun While it Lasts
Wasted Lives - Wirehead
Subhumans - Death to the Sickoids
U-J3RK5 - U-J3RK5 Work for Police
Private School - Rock & Roll Radio
No Fun - Mindless Aggression
Dishrags - I Don't Love You
Biz - Pork U

Side 2

Track Name
Exxotone - Sideways
The K-Tels - I Hate Music
Active Dog - Nothing Holding You
Subhumans - Urban Guerilla
The Shades - New Clientelle
Tim Ray & A.V. - Quarter to Eight
U-J3RK5 - Naum Gabo
D.O.A. - I Hate You
No Fun - Old
e - E 925

Side 3

Track Name
Tim Ray And The Druts - Dying In Brooklyn (2005 CD re-issue only)
The Dishrags - Bullshit (2005 CD re-issue only)
Rude Norton - Tits On the Beach (2005 CD re-issue only)
Rude Norton - Sea Cruise (2005 CD re-issue only)
Rude Norton - Gilligan's Island (2005 CD re-issue only)


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Compilation / Vancouver Complication

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Compilation / Vancouver Complication

Vancouver complication back

Vancouver Complication BACK

Vancouver complication

Vancouver Complication


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Now, this is punk rock. Take warning, modern-day challengers of the genre. This is in-your-face and up-your nose '77-'79 era punk from the West Coast of Canada. Vancouver Compilation, originally released on vinyl in 1979 recaptures that period with 18 bands from the original punk/new wave scene. There are 21 tracks in all, including five bonus tracks that didn't appear on the record. If you think the Subhumans were a crappy crust band from England, you'd best put down whatever schlock you've been listening to and get your hands on this disc. It's an historical document in audio format, for crying out loud. And you can thank the Burnaby-based Sudden Death Records, led by the unstoppable Joey Shithead of the still-touring D.O.A., who also feature on this compilation. Keep going, old man!
-Davey Jones, Jul 01, 2005,

The Dishrags recorded 25 November 1978
SUBHUMANS recorded 2 December 1978
D.O.A. recorded 23 December 1978
Pointed Sticks recorded 1978
Private School recorded 13-14 January 1979
Tim Ray & The Druts recorded 15 January 1979
Active Dog recorded 25 January 1979
Wasted Lives recorded 17 February 1979
U-J3RKS recorded 1-2 March 1979
{e} recorded 6 March 1979
Exxotone recorded 9 March 1979
The Shades recorded 28 April 1979
Rude Norton recorded 1978 - 1979
K-Tels recorded 1979
No Fun "Mindless Aggression" recorded 1977 @ some big deal studios
No Fun "Old" recorded 1977
BIZ recorded 1979
Tim Ray & A.V. recorded - Date unknown

first issue 1000 pressed black & white cover
All tracks recorded and mixed at Sabre Sound except: Track 1 Sculptures in Sound, track 5 & 6 Ocean Sound, track & 20 some big deal studios (Werewolf T-shirt Studios), track 13 Psi-Chord Studios, track 17 Little Mountain Sound.
Original album prep. Performed at Little Mountain


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