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Compilation - Six Montreal Poets

Label: Folkways FL 9805 (USA)
Year: 1957
Origin: Montréal, Québec
Genre: Spoken Word Poetry
Keyword:  poetry
Value of Original Title: $150.00
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Release Type: Album Various Artists
Playlist: Quebec, 1950's, Canadian Poetry


Side 1

Track Name
A.J.M. Smith - Like an Old Proud King in a Parable
A.J.M. Smith - A Hyacinth for Edith
A.J.M. Smith - Noctambule
A.J.M. Smith - The Plot Against Proteus
A.J.M. Smith - Business as Usual - Fear as Normal
A.J.M. Smith - The Archer
A.J.M. Smith - Sonnet
A.J.M. Smith - My Death
Leonard Cohen - For Wilf and His House
Leonard Cohen - Beside the Shepherd
Leonard Cohen - Poem
Leonard Cohen - Lovers
Leonard Cohen - The Sparrows
Leonard Cohen - Warning
Leonard Cohen - Les Vieus
Leonard Cohen - Elegy
Irving Layton - The Birth of Tragedy
Irving Layton - The Fertile Muck
Irving Layton - Maxie
Irving Layton - The Bull Calf
Irving Layton - The Cold Green Element
Irving Layton - The Improved Binoculars

Side 2

Track Name
F.R. Scott - Surfaces
F.R. Scott - Lakeshore
F.R. Scott - Laurentian Shield
F.R. Scott - The Bird
F.R. Scott - Caring
F.R. Scott - Bonne Entente
F.R. Scott - Memory
F.R. Scott - Will to Win
F.R. Scott - Conflict
Louis Dudek - Poem 19 from Europe
Louis Dudek - Poem 95 from Europe
Louis Dudek - To an Unknown in a Restaurant
Louis Dudek - A Cracker Jack
Louis Dudek - The Pomegranate
Louis Dudek - Line and Form
A.M. Klein - Psalm XXII
A.M. Klein - Plumaged Proxy
A.M. Klein - The Rocking Chair
A.M. Klein - Political Meeting
A.M. Klein - For the Sisters of the Hotel Dieu
A.M. Klein - Montreal


Va   six montreal poets back

Compilation - Six Montreal Poets

Va   six montreal poets front

Six Montreal Poets


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Six Montreal Poets is a collection of mid-20th-century poetry featuring six members of the Montreal Group, modernist writers formed at McGill University in the 1920s. This 1957 album offers listeners a slice of the romance and bustle of mid-century Montreal. Rejecting the Victorianism that had previously characterized English Canadian poetry, the Montreal Group took on more cosmopolitan, personal, and philosophical subjects. It was a movement that eventually produced Leonard Cohen, heard here reciting his own poetry from his first published book, Let Us Compare Mythologies , seven years before his first major literary prize and ten years before his first song album would be released.


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