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Compilation - CBC Comp 420

Label: CBC Radio Canada LM 420
Year: 1975
Origin: 🍁
Genre: funk, folk, soul
Value of Original Title: $40.00
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Release Type: Album Various Artists
Websites:  No
Playlist: Canadian as Funk, Ontario, 1970's, Beautiful Black Canadians, Newfoundland Labrador, CBC Radio Canada LM Series, Folk, British Columbia


Side 1

Track Name
Anne-Marie Murray - Sweet Souvenirs of Stefan
Anne-Marie Murray - Do Your Own Thing
Anne-Marie Murray - Has Love Gone Out of Style
Anne-Marie Murray - On The Streets of Old St. Johns
Wayne St. John & Betty Richardson - It's Magic
Wayne St. John & Betty Richardson - Just You and Me Together
Wayne St. John & Betty Richardson - Asking Too Much
Wayne St. John & Betty Richardson - Take It Back

Side 2

Track Name
Wade Brothers - The Eye of the Peacock
Wade Brothers - Your Old Classic Funky Sunday
Wade Brothers - Sad Sad Story
Wade Brothers - River
Montreal Baroque - La trace d'un enfant
Montreal Baroque - Palingenesie (Rebirth)
Montreal Baroque - Continne
Montreal Baroque - Lady Christine
Montreal Baroque - Fantaisie


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Va cbc lm 420 back


Va cbc lm 420 front

CBC Comp 420


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Anne-Marie Murray:
Recorded in Halifax by Ira Stewart
Engineered by L. Bailey

Wayne St. John:
Recorded in Toronto by Herb Johnson
Engineered by D. Dobbs

Wayne St. John says music is in his blood because his great-great grandparents made their living from singing and acting. He's been performing for 17 years. He had his own rock group and cut several records which had moderate success. He travelled around the United States and then settled in his home town, Toronto where he went from singing and playing guitar and drums to lead roles in the whole run of the Toronto production of "Hair", in which Betty Richardson also appeared. When "Hair" closed, Wayne created Hairafter, an eight piece band in which he sang lead. Then he worked on drums and percussion with such groups as 'Ocean' and 'Motherlode'. Danny Finkleman of CBC Radio asked Wayne to record these four songs for Danny's show. Wayne has tried to develop a mixture of singing styles combining the flavours of Africa and North America, and has come with a distinctive hallmark. Betty Richardson teams up with Wayne to sing a duet as well as two numbers.

WAYNE ST. JOHN was inducted into the Canadian Black Music Hall of Fame in 1982.

Wade Brothers:
Recorded in Vancouver by Claire Lawrence
Engineered by Don Hardisty

Brett and Joel Wade of Chilliwack, BC began their current rock group as a duo, then added Vancouver drummer Glenn Hendrickson. Brett attended The University of British Columbia School of Music before moving to California to join The Electric Prunes. After cutting an album for Reprise he formed Stallion Thumrock with Joel and two friends from Chilliwack, and they recorded an album for Haid. Brett's studio credits include the fine lead guitar work in Valdy's first album. The Wade Brothers' broadcast appearances include CBC Radio's "The Great Canadian Gold Rush".


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