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Compilation - CBC Comp 413

Label: CBC Radio Canada LM 413
Year: 1975
Origin: 🍁
Genre: folk, funk, soul
Value of Original Title: $150.00
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Release Type: Album Various Artists
Websites:  No
Playlist: Mary Saxton's Soul, CBC Radio Canada LM Series, Canadian Women in Song, Folk


Side 1

Track Name
Robert Paquette - Love, Sing and Dance
Robert Paquette - Song For Wendy
Robert Paquette - People in the Valley
Robert Paquette - Master's Touch
Tom Kelly - It's Not the Same
Tom Kelly - Bathroom Song
Tom Kelly - November Song
Tom Kelly - I'd be With Her

Side 2

Track Name
Graeme Card - One More Loan
Graeme Card - Bayberry Breeze
Graeme Card - Here's Mud in Your Eye
Mary Saxton - Somewhere Along the Way
Mary Saxton - Letters From Across the Ocean
Mary Saxton - Summer Flowers
Mary Saxton - Paperback Home


Va cbc lm 413 back


Va cbc lm 413 front

CBC Comp 413


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Mary Saxton
"One of the things about joy is that once you're lucky enough to feel it, you don't always succeed in expressing it for yourself or for others. But there's one girl - a dark-eyed entertainer of charm and warmth who does and can help you to do it too. Mary Saxton can make you feel good, simply because she is so obviously 'feelin' fine' and her songs, will definitely please you. Mary has been singing professionally for many years in Western Canada, both on radio and television and has been active in album work as a back-up vocalist. Her talents as a songwriter come to light for the first time on this recording and with help from arranger Curt Watts, Mary shows you that music is her life. Please share it with her."

Produced in Edmonton by Richard Craig
Recording Engineer: A. Lambden


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