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Compilation - CBC Comp 405

Label: CBC Radio Canada LM 405
Year: 1974
Origin: 🍁
Genre: funk, soul, jazz, folk
Value of Original Title: $200.00
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Release Type: Album Various Artists
Websites:  No
Playlist: Canadian as Funk, 1970's, Jazz, CBC Radio Canada LM Series, Canadian Women in Song


Side 1

Track Name
Jodie Drake - Everybody's Cryin' Mercy
Jodie Drake - Til My Back Ain't Got No Bone
Jodie Drake - Nobody But You
Jodie Drake - Ain't Gonna Live That Way No More
Christopher Jane - Kick Me (Just To Let Me Know You Know I'm Here)
Christopher Jane - The Way It Seems

Side 2

Track Name
Edwards & Devilliers - Beefeater's Samba
Edwards & Devilliers - Cafe Zinho
Edwards & Devilliers - Poolside
Edwards & Devilliers - Benz Ride
Claude Blouin - In An Old Shanty Town
Claude Blouin - Attendre (Waiting)
Claude Blouin - Rosetta
Claude Blouin - Well Alright, Okay


Va cbc lm 405 back


Va cbc lm 405 front

CBC Comp 405


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Jodie Drake:
Arrangements by John Capek
Produced in Toronto by Ann Hunter
Engineered by Keith Duncan

If you're looking for a jazz ballad, don't bother to listen to these four cuts by Jodie Drake.

This is a first for Jodie on disc and we are pleased to be able to say that it is the CBC who gave her this chance to record something other than jazz ballads.

It's Jodie at her delightful best - singing four soulful songs. Two are new: "Nobody But You", a soft swinging love song, and "Ain't Gonna Live That Way No More", an up-tempo funky song. They were both written by John Capek, an extremely talented composer from Australia. The background vocals were supplied by Cathy Young and Bev D'Angelo, a young lady about whom you'll be hearing more in the near future. These are solid songs - they should fit beautifully into any style of program.

Jodie Drake: vocals
John Capek: keyboards
Brian Russell: guitars
Kevan Staples: guitars
Barry Keane: drums
Steve Hogg: bass

Edwards & DeVilliers:
Produced in Toronto by Paul Mills
Engineered by Larry Morey

Bobby Edwards and Art DeVilliers are two talented guitarists who have teamed up to make this recording for us.

Bobby Edwards has played on television and radio in Toronto for many years and on more than 10 major networks as well as being featured on most of the recordings in Toronto. He has composed three of the songs on our album, "Poolside", "Beefeater Samba", and "Benz Ride".

Art DeVilliers is a French-Canadian musician who has been prominent in Toronto's recording industry, night clubs and jazz circuit for quite some time. His curiosity for Brazilian music earned him an extra dimension musically and it was in Rio de Janeiro that he wrote the tune "Cafe Zinho" (a little cup of coffee). Art's unique electric guitar solo work is, in his own words, "my way".


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