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Compilation - Canadian Poets 1

Label: CBC Publications
Year: 1966
Origin: Canada
Genre: Spoken Word Poetry
Keyword:  poetry
Value of Original Title: $200.00
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Release Type: Album Various Artists
Websites:  No
Playlist: 1960's, Canadian Poetry


Side 1

Track Name
Phyllis Webb - Alex
Phyllis Webb - Rike
Phyllis Webb - Sitting
Phyllis Webb - The Time of Man
Phyllis Webb - Propositions
Phyllis Webb - Breaking
Phyllis Webb - Nakes Poems, Suite One and Suite Two
Earle Birney - Anglosaxon Street
Earle Birney - Ellesmereland I
Earle Birney - Ellesmereland II
Earle Birney - Appeal to a Lady With a Diaper
Earle Birney - Sestina For Tehuantepec
Earle Birney - Transistor

Side 2

Track Name
John Newlove - Kamsack 3 (The Dog)
John Newlove - It Just Lay There
John Newlove - For Hudith
John Newlove - The Pride
Alfred Purdy - Percy Lawson
Alfred Purdy - Song of the Impermanent Husband
Alfred Purdy - Home-made Beer
Alfred Purdy - Winter At Robin Lake
Alfred Purdy - The Winemaker's Beat Etude
Alfred Purdy - Wilderness Hothic
Alfred Purdy - O Recruiting Sergeants!

Side 3

Track Name
Irving Layton - Mrs. First Snow Lake Achagan
Irving Layton - The Birth of Tragedy
Irving Layton - Song For Naomi
Irving Layton - Golfers
Irving Layton - The Bull Calf
Irving Layton - On Seeing the Statuettes
Irving Layton - Keine Lazarovich, 1870-1959
Irving Layton - Silence, for E.H.
Irving Layton - El Caudillo
Leonard Cohen - What I'm Doing Here
Leonard Cohen - You Have the Lovers
Leonard Cohen - Now of Sleeping
Leonard Cohen - Style
Leonard Cohen - Two Went to Sleep
Leonard Cohen - Nothing Has Been Broken
Leonard Cohen - These Heroics

Side 4

Track Name
George Bowering - Grandfather
George Bowering - Moonshadow
George Bowering - Breaking up, Breaking Out
George Bowering - The Descent
Gwendolyn Macewen - The Garden of Square Roots
Gwendolyn Macewen - Thou Jacob
Gwendolyn Macewen - The Thing Is Violent
Gwendolyn Macewen - Arcanum One
Gwendolyn Macewen - Arcanum Two
Gwendolyn Macewen - Arcanum Three
Gwendolyn Macewen - The Caravan
Gwendolyn Macewen - The Self Assumes


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Compilation - Canadian Poets 1

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Compilation - Canadian Poets 1

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Compilation - Canadian Poets 1

Va   canadian poets 1 front

Canadian Poets 1


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Robert McCormack wrote this introduction in 1966:

"Ten years or so ago when he (Cohen) was in his late 'teens there was a tendency to regard Leonard Cohen as a disciple of Mr. Layton's. They shared, after all, their Jewishness and their Montreal background, and, inevitably, they knew one another. Mr. Cohen, however, soon proved that he was no one's disciple except his own, moving through the richly sensual texture of his early verse - he is perhaps too well known as one of the most lyrically sensous love poets of our time - to the hard-edged surrealistic vision of the contemporary world presented with almost hallucinatory force in Flowers for Hitler. Mr. Cohen, whose extraordinary lyrical gift has always driven him towards music, has recently been writing songs for the rock group The Stormy Clovers."


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