45 wicked orange roll on


Wicked Orange - Roll On b/w Windy Day

Format: 45
Label: Columbia C4-2996
Year: 1972
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: rock hard
Value of Original Title: $35.00
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Release Type: Singles
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Side 1

Track Name
Roll On

Side 2

Track Name
Windy Day


45 wicked orange windy day

Wicked Orange - Roll On b/w Windy Day

45 wicked orange roll on

Roll On b/w Windy Day


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Psychedelic hard rock band formed in Vancouver B.C., Canada in 1968. Band consisted of Alex Deeth (Songwriter, guitar, vocals), George Greenwell (lead guitar), Brian Helmeland (drums) Grant Phillips (guitar), and Steve Pellman (bass). They played the clubs and bars in Vancouver, Seattle and Western Canada. Wicked Orange broke up in 1974 while recording an album for Canadian Columbia which was never finished. The master recording is still around somewhere and Grant Phillips has tried to contact the former members about getting back together to finish the project...so far, to no avail.

'Roll On', written by lead singer Alex Deeth is a guitar driven mid-tempo, melodic psych rocker about the ills of the world and how we need to get on the bible train accompanied with amazing guitar throughout including a hot slide guitar solo, percolating drums, bass and great vocals from Alex Deeth.

'Windy Day', also written by Alex Deeth is a whimsical slower-tempo melodic psych number with wailing guitar throughout, thundering drums, bass, strummed guitar and powerful vocals from Alex Deeth with the band providing background vocals, then in the middle there is a nice fuzz guitar solo followed by what sounds like two guitars taking a solo together....three minutes and three seconds of amazing guitar virtuosity from beginning to end.

"I played with a band called Wicked Orange, from 1968-1974. We where a heavy rock band out of Vancouver Canada, and played several venues here in the Seattle area and across Canada.
The band consisted of Brian Helmeland, Alec Deeth, Grant Phillips, and several different bass guitar players... Steve, Pucky, and others.

The band had one 45 record released on Columbia records label titled Roll On, with the B side Windy Day.

Wicked Orange broke up while in the recording studio, recording their first album for Columbia records. The master recording tape is still around somewhere, and Grant has tried to contact the former members about getting back together to finish the project to no avail."
-Grant Phillips, October 2007

George Brown, Jr ~ ?
Alex Deeth: guitar, vocals
George Greenwell: guitar
Brian Helmeland: drums
Laurence Knight: bass
Victor Moore: bass
Steve "Pucky" Pellman: bass
Grant Phillips: guitar


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