Weeping Tile - Cold Snap

Format: CD
Label: Creative House, Warner CD 12383
Year: 1995
Origin: Burlington, Ontario
Genre: rock
Value of Original Title: $75.00
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Release Type: Albums
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Playlist: Ontario, Rock Room, 1990's, MOCM Top 1000 Canadian Albums


Track Name
Cold Snap
u.f.o. Rosie
Good Fortune
In the Road
L’il Interlude
The Grin
1st Lady
Joint Acc’t
Delores Haze
The High Way
Hankerchiefs and Napkins



Weeping Tile - Cold Snap


Cold Snap


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Kingston, Ontario is a hotbed of musical talent. Why? How the hell should I know? But look who's been coming out of that town: the Tragically Hip, the Headstones, the Mahones, the Inbreds, etc, etc. Add Weeping Tile to the list.

The band's debut full-length CD Cold Snap, the follow-up to their previous offering, aptly entitled Eepee, is an excellent disc. The first time I heard Sarah Harmer sing, I instantly fell in love with her voice. The enchantment hasn't changed after listening to Cold Snap. Harmer's vocal depth creates strong emotional paintings throughout her songs. Possessing a strong vocal range (especially brought out on the title track), Harmer allows her personal tales to be effectively woven through a foundation of guitars.

This relationship between guitar and vocals gives Cold Snap an intimacy in its pop rock genre. Sister Mary on bass and Paul Gurnsey on drums provide the steady, rhythmic parameters for Luther Wright to flail away on his guitar, most notably on "The Grin" and "Pushover," two of the poppier numbers. This musical atmosphere enhances Harmer's ability to lyrically relate her unique stories. "UFO Rosie," about a neighbour's UFO encounter; and "Westray," the story of a community dealing with the recent east coast coal mine disaster, are two powerful standouts.

Cold Snap is a collection of intimate tales laid over a rock foundation, evoking powerful images for the listener.
-P. Freako

Sarah Harmer: vocals, guitar, cowbell, piano
Luther Wright: guitar, vocals
Sister Mary: bass, vocals
Paul Gurnsey: drums

Additional players
John Richardson: drums
Kevin Fox: cello
Paul Ryan: tambourine
Camille Giroux: brushes
Robin Aubé: helicopter bass and low moans

Produced by Weeping Tile with Robin Aubé
Recorded at Grant Avenue Studio, Hamilton, ON
Engineered by Robin Aubé, assisted by Sandeep Bhandariat
Mixed by Mr. Olson at Smart Studios, Madison, WI
Mastered by Ted Jenson at Sterling Sound, NYC

A natural disaster comes out wasn't natural after all
In a small town on the east coast, well they've gathered in a firehall
And who forgot to let the canary out?
Will you be there when they're pulling bodies out?

There are strange things done under the gun by the men who moil for coal
Eastern gales of howled out tales that would make your blood run cold
Lighthouse eyes watch us spies and they put a word out on me
That night you and I got lost on the drive up the coast of the Northumberland Straight

You'll know in a little while if this was meant to be
Are you afraid of you?

There wasn't a breath in the land of death and I hurried, horror driven
Was it something I said, somewhere in her head?
I just asked for the answer given
20 minutes up the road, just off the great highway
I won't be around here for long, I did not come to stay

You'll know in a little while if this was meant to be
Are you afraid of you?

And one year later it has yet to come clear
No one's doing anything cuz they're scared of the way that they might appear
They're ignoring all the signals they could not afford to hear
Private investors in public fear

My hopes exceed my expectations
My hopes exceed my expectations
My hopes exceed my expectations

You'll know in a little while if this was meant to be
Are you afraid of you? Are you afraid of me?
You'll know in a little while if this was meant to be
Are you afraid of you?


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