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Washboard Hank - Donkeys and Tire Fires

Format: CD
Label: Washboard WB 423
Year: 1990
Origin: Peterborough, Ontario
Genre: country, bluegrass, alt country, cowpunk
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Release Type: Albums
Playlist: Ontario, 1990's, Country & Western


Track Name
Polyester Polly Lit A Fire In My Heart
Stompin Tom For Prime Minister
The Hundred Acre Field
Too Late To Be Sober
Trucker Turn To Jesus
Beatiful Belle Of Bailieboro
Honky Tonky Donkey
The Midnight Ride of Red Dog Ray
Seein Double C&W
Turkey in the Straw
Are You Scrubbed?
Do The Prince Charles



Washboard Hank & the Honkers / Donkeys and Tire Fires


Washboard Hank & the Honkers / Donkeys and Tire Fires

Donkeys   tire fires %28f%29

Donkeys and Tire Fires


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Washboard Hank has been an obscure legend of Hillbilly Junk Jazz for more than 30 years. Back in the 70s he toured the streets of North America with his pal Reverend Ken and together they created a whole new genre of music " punk bluegrass gospel" they would heal appliances and pass the collection plate while developing a style that was totally unforgetable. The show expanded to become Reverend Ken and the Lost Followers a full tilt five piece party band.

By the late 80's Hank struck out on his own with his band the Honkers a less punk and more country combo that featured more of Hank's original compositions like Polester Poly Lit a Tire Fire in My Heart that were recorded on his Donkeys and Tire Fires C.D.

Since then there have been three more C.D.s Hoorah for Washboard Hank, Big Fun for Kids and the brand new disc Sweet Mysteries of Life. Presently Hank tours Western Canada with his pal Lance Loree and Plays around Ontario with The Gravestone Lickers.

Washboard Hank: vocal, acoustic guitar, stradovarious washboard, dobro
James Stephens: bass fiddle, cittern, mandolin and vocals
Ross Murray: drums, tamborine, wood block
Matthew Fines: electric guitar, dobro, banjo, vocals
Peter Kieswalter: clarinet
Bill Rowat: trumpet
Pineapple Frank Barth: dobro, pedal steel, lap steel
Ken Ramsden: mandolin, vocals
Matthew Fines: electric guitar, banjo, dobro, vocals
Mike Blacky Johnston: drums, cowbell, woodblock
Julie Johnston: vocals
Earl Stinkfoot Hope: bass, vocals
John Hoffman: fiddle

Producers: Joan Besen, James Stephens
Engineers: Brian Campbell, Ross Murray

These tunes are dedicated to all who mourn dead dogs and of course JoEllen Georgia and Eva.
Recorded at the Happy Rock Studio in Ottawa, Blue Wave Studios in Vancouver, and Comfort Sound in Toronto


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